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   Chapter 546 Lady Qing

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Yun Shang was quite busy these days. She would change into different styles of clothes and jewelry every day. She took a seat at the Xiang Zhu Palace and sometimes she even went to the Wei Yang Palace. And she met lady Shu once in a while when she went to the Wei Yang palace occasionally. Yun Shang had a resplendent and magnificent life in the imperial household now, even the empress paid attention to her.

"The clothes you've been wearing these days are good-looking with nice style and good jewelry. This morning when the concubines came to greet me, I heard them talk about you in the inner hall after I got dressed." The empress took a sip of rose tea and glanced at Yun Shang.

Yun Shang hurriedly answered, "I'm just wearing ordinary clothes from the stores outside the palace, which cannot be compared with the clothes carefully prepared by the imperial household department. But the ladies have been used to the dignified and noble style in the palace, so sometimes they'll feel fresh to see my crude clothes. When you have been used to eating fish and meat, and it feels good to occasionally replace the meat with clear soup and vegetables. "

The empress took the hint. She nodded her head, "how is the thing I ordered you to do?"

"It's all settled." Then she took out a piece of paper bag from her sleeve and handed it to the empress. "I have seen many different kinds of medicine. Although they are all of the same efficacy, this one is the most startling, colorless and tasteless. Besides, the efficacy is not so fast. It is also convenient for the empress to make arrangement."

The empress nodded and put it down. She said with a smile, "you're also a person who knows medicine well. Of course you're right about it."

Yun Shang flashed a smile, but soon regained her composure. "But all the stuff at his Majesty's meal has been tested by servants. And..."

"Don't worry." The empress sneered, "if it's a poison, the eunuch can get it out of shape after trying it. But he's not a full man, and he's unable to feel it. Besides, as you said, the drug works slow."

Yun Shang no

d down, so no expression could be seen on her face. The woman who was crying and kneeling on the ground with her back to the palace gate should be Qing Ming.

Yun Shang frowned, walked into the palace, and curtsied to the emperor and the empress. Then she looked curiously at Qing Ming, who seemed to have a palm print on his face. She hesitated for a moment before asking softly, "what happened? Why is miss Qing Ming crying so sadly? "

The empress looked at Yun Shang, sighed, and said lightly, "now her name has been changed to Lady Qing."

"Lady Qing?" Yun Shang was surprised, but she suppressed it quickly and said, "I didn't know it was lady Qing now."

However, Xia Huanyu interrupted their conversation and said coldly, "yesterday, Qing Ming drugged me. Although the drug was not fatal, it was unforgivable. How could she be a lady with an evil heart?"

The empress frowned worriedly when she heard the words. "Your Majesty, you are wrong about Lady Qing. Lady Qing has nothing to do with the drug. The maid called Huai Ya beside Lady Shu admitted that it was her who drugged your majesty."

Xia Huanyu sneered and kept silent. Yun Shang clearly saw the murderous look in his eyes.

The empress immediately looked at Yun Shang and said, "Shang'er, Huai Ya said you gave the medicine to her. I felt it weird and couldn't believe what she said, so I called you here. What do you say?"

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