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   Chapter 543 Identification

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"Really?" The woman kept her eyes on Yun Shang's clothes. She nodded and said with a smile, "no wonder I didn't know it. It turned out that it was a newly opened shop."

Ning Qian smiled. "I heard that lady Xian liked collecting fresh clothes and jewelry before she came to the imperial palace. She hasn't changed her taste in clothes and jewelry."

Hearing that, Lady Xian smiled somewhat complacently. "It's not that I'm bragging about. In the city, there is a shop where the clothes are dyed well, and the hairpins are unique. There are almost no kinds of rouge that I don't know. In the past, I thought the stuff sent by the imperial household department were very gorgeous, but they always looked gorgeous. It seems that only a few tricks are in hand, so they're boring. "

Yun Shang thought for a moment and remembered that this Lady Xian seemed to be the daughter of Wang Congwen, the richest man in the Jin city. She said with a smile, "Lady Xian's family is the richest in the Jin city. The things you see must be extraordinary in daily life. It's my honor to be praised by you."

Hearing that, Lady Xian seemed very happy. She said with a smile, "if there are some new stuff in the Qianshui Pavilion, I'll be very interested in them. I will ask my mother to have a look later."

Yun Shang squinted her eyes and nodded her head with a smile. She glanced at other ladies and found that they also had interests in their eyes, which relieved her a little.

After chatting with them for a while, a maid came in and bowed to everyone. "The empress heard that Lady Rui came into the palace, so she invited her to have a chat in the Wei Yang Palace."

Hearing this, Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and quickly stood up. She said to the people, "since the empress is inviting me, I can't accompany you. Please excuse me."

Everyone nodded their heads. Yun Shang, together with Qian Liu and Qian Zhuo, walked out of the Xiang Zhu Palace and headed for the Wei Yang palace.

When they arrived at the Wei Yang palace, they saw the empress was leaning against a chair with her hands on her head and her eyes closed for rest

ngers paused on the empress' words. With a questioning look, she looked sideways, "osmanthus? I heard people say the city was famous for sophora flowers? Is it also sophora flower honey? It was a pity that it was not the day of sophora flower blooming in September, so I didn't see the rumor that the city is full of the sweet taste of sophora flower, but the sophora flower honey was sent to me by the people of the Yue Qian City a month ago. It really lives up to its reputation. I also brought some home with me. If you like, I'll send some to the palace when I come back, your majesty. "

The empress' face slightly darkened, but she also grinned. "Really? I must have made a mistake. "

Then she continued, "before you went to the Yue Qian City a month ago, you were assassinated in the Qi Lan Town. Did Prince Rui find out who gave the orders?"

Yun Shang shook her head. "His Highness has never mentioned this to me. Why does her majesty ask about it all of a sudden? Do your majesty have any clue? "

The empress never thought that Yun Shang would ask such a direct question. Her face fell. She was silent for a moment before saying, "I also asked Field Marshal Su to investigate the case, but the person behind it was somewhat unexpected..."

After a short pause, the empress looked at Yun Shang again. When she saw the curiosity in Yun Shang's eyes, she frowned and said, "it seems that it was lady Shu..."

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