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   Chapter 539 Feeling Sorry For Her (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5373

Updated: 2020-03-09 00:24

Xia Huanyu couldn't help but frown. "Chestnut cakes are not poisoned, and tea cups are not poisoned. Tell me, how did the little prince get poisoned?"

Yun Shang kept her eyes fixed on Xia Yunxi. She didn't walk to the bed until the men kept asking and answering the questions.

"Shang'er." Suddenly, Luo Qingyan's voice came from behind. Yun Shang turned her head and saw the disapproval in Luo Qingyan's eyes. Yun Shang gave him a smile, reassuring him. Then she turned around to look at Xia Huanyu. "I have learnt some medicine before, your majesty. May I have a look at his condition?"

The imperial physicians were a bit hesitant and looked up at Xia Huanyu. After a while of silence, Xia Huanyu nodded his head and said, "it's up to you."

The empress was about to speak, but she held back what she wanted to say when she heard what he said.

Yun Shang took Xia Yunxi pulse, and felt a slight heat in his forehead. Yun Shang opened his mouth looked at the piles of moss under his tongue. She then asked in a low voice after a while, "did the little prince have a headache and diarrhea before?"

The maids standing by the side replied in a hurry, "yes. He had a headache at first and had no strength. Then he felt pain in his stomach and passed out."

Yun Shang listened carefully and nodded. She turned to the three imperial physicians and said, "In my opinion, the little prince was indeed poisoned. But it wasn't someone else who poisoned him with a drug. It was food poison."

"Food poisoning?" Everyone was surprised at Yun Shang's unusual response. Both Xia Huanyu and the empress lo

Yun Shang pulled Luo Qingyan's sleeve and asked with a smile, "are you angry with me? Are you blaming me for not listening to you and taking care of him? "

Luo Qingyan still didn't say anything. Yun Shang continued, "but your highness, I can't bear to see that such a little child died in front of me. I..." Yun Shang felt her throat was dry. The scenes of her previous life kept flashing through her mind. It was only after a long while that she sighed and didn't go on, Suddenly, her hand was grasped. Yun Shang raised her head and looked at Luo Qingyan, whose eyes were somewhat dim. After a long time, Luo Qingyan said, "I'm not angry with you. I'm angry with myself. In the past few months, I went to the state of Xia but I was not completely prepared. Since the secret guards were not properly arranged, it's impossible for them to enter the palace at all, and there's not any of my power in the court. There's no force hidden among the people, and no one in the palace are my people. So you have been in trouble frequently these days, but I can't protect you. "

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