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   Chapter 537 Brothers

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"Well, we will figure it out whether you are wronged or not. Today is the birthday of your mother, so don't mention these bad things any more." Xia Huanyu frowned and said.

The seventh prince said yes as soon as he saw the displeasure on Xia Huanyu's face. He kowtowed again before he got back to his seat.

There were dancers dancing on the stage. The music gradually became louder and the crowd was a little relieved. They lowered their heads and drank the wine in front of them.

Suddenly a servant rushed in and broke into the dancing crowd. There were screams all around the hall.

Xia Huanyu looked at the panic stricken dancers in the hall, frowning, and patted the armrest of the chair. "Get down on your knees!"

All the other people knelt down in a hurry. Frowning, Xia Huanyu looked at the servant and said, "how dare you panic? What happened? Tell me! "

The servant shuddered at emperor Xia's words. Then he stammered, "your majesty! Your majesty! The son of the former crown prince is shivering violently all over. He seemed to have been poisoned. The imperial physician sent me to report this to your majesty."

The empress' face suddenly turned pale. She hurriedly stood up and brought the wine pot on the table in front of her. The wine pot fell on the ground, and the wine in the pot fell down.

"What?" With astonishment in her eyes, the empress turned around and bowed to Xia Huanyu. "Yunxi is in danger. Please allow me to leave."

Xia Huanyu thought for a while and said, "Yunxi is also my descendant. I should go to see him as well. You can stay here. I'll be back soon with the empress."

They said yes immediately and watched him walk out of the Taiji Palace with the empress.

Yun Shang sat straight and frowned. "When I was in the Wei Yang palace, the empress went to change her clothes and entrusted me to take care of the boy. What happened? Is this a coincidence? Could

e it to my family. "

Yun Shang was shocked. She knew Luo Qingyan didn't like the seventh prince, but she didn't expect Luo Qingyan to embarrass the seventh prince in public. As a result, it would put the prince an unfriendly reputation.

Yun Shang gently tugged at Luo Qingyan's sleeve, and said with a smile, "The seventh prince, don't be angry. His highness always speak in such a rude way, but in fact, his bark is worse than his bite. He hopes that you can be healthy. It's said that the seventh prince was weak from his childhood, and among his highness' friends, there are some people whose medical skills are superb. If you don't mind, his highness can ask them here to have a look at your condition. "

A hint of darkness flashed in the seventh Prince's eyes, but he still kept smiling. "The same has always been in my body since I was a child, and my father has also sent many famous doctors to examine me, but to no avail. Brother, sister in law, don't bother to worry about me, I already give up. I don't want to disappoint you."

While they were talking, a maid came in, who seemed to be a servant of the empress. Yun Shang paid attention to the maid in secret, and then saw the maid walk up to her. "Lady Rui, the empress wants to see you in the Wei Yang palace."

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