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   Chapter 536 They All Had Different Thoughts (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5374

Updated: 2020-03-08 00:34

Xia Huanyu smiled and said, "rise."

Then he clapped his hands, turned around, and looked at the empress, "this dance is extremely beautiful, but you rarely see a masked dancer on the stage..."

The empress laughed when she heard his words. "Since your majesty insist, let her take off her veil."

The girl in white raised her head and took off her veil after the empress' order.

The woman had curved eyebrows like the crescent moon, dark eyes, and slightly raised the corners of her eyes, which made her more attractive beyond description. Her nose was straight and delicate, and her cherry like mouth invited in silence, which made everyone in the palace somewhat absent-minded.

Yun Shang glanced at her and thought that she was not as beautiful as Ning Qian. The dance and the mystery of the veil surprised the people here.

Xia Huanyu didn't say anything. The empress smiled, turned her head and looked at Lady Shu, who had fixed her eyes on the woman's face. The empress then said, "to be honest, something is going on between this Miss Qing Ming and Lady Shu. According to Miss Qing Ming, they have known each other since childhood."

Hearing this, Xia Huanyu also turned to look at Lady Shu. Lady Shu smiled, but the smile was so faint that could not be seen in her eyes. "Yes, I am very familiar with Qing Ming. She is seven years younger than me, and the two families live close. She has been brought up by me since she was born."

"Really? I didn't expect that you have such deep friendship with her. " The empress turned to look at Xia Huanyu with a smile. "Your Majesty, lady Shu


The servants hurried to add more tables and chairs to the room, and the empress said, "you look a little pale, but have you suffered a lot in the prison? Just take a seat. Alcohol is not a good thing for you today. Take care of your health. "

The seventh Prince did not rush to sit down at the table. Instead, he bowed to Xia Huanyu and said, "I'm sorry to disappoint you and mother, but I'm greatly wronged. Please uphold justice for me, father and mother."

Yun Shang's eyes flickered across the seventh prince in mockery. A mocking smile appeared on her face. 'an injustice? He was fully aware that if there really was an injustice he had suffered. Although he had deliberately lowered his voice the other day, Yun Shang could still hear it clearly. It was the seventh prince who kidnapped her. Considering that not many people knew that Yun Shang was in the Jin City at that time, now everyone knew that she came back from the Yue Qian City, and the seventh prince must be sure that she didn't dare to say it out. He was really better and better at acting.

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