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   Chapter 525 The News (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-06 00:14

Hearing no response from Yun Shang for a very long time, Luo Qingyan felt strange. He stretched out his hand, intending to lift Yun Shang's head up. His hand felt something wet and cold. Luo Qingyan's heart trembled and stopped what he was doing.

After a long silence, he let out a sigh and raised Yun Shang's head up again. "I didn't scold you. Why are you crying now?" But his eyes were full of love and pain for her.

Yun Shang lowered her eyes, feeling sour in her heart. But she still had a smile on her lips. She shook her head and said, "no, I just feel that his highness treats me very well, so I can't help but feel..."

Luo Qingyan frowned as he raised his hand to wipe the tears on Yun Shang's face carefully. He said with a cold face, "I'm angry with you, but you still think I'm good to you. You are not moved by what I have said to you with tenderness."

Hearing this, Yun Shang lowered her head with a faint smile on her face. She felt a little embarrassed, but her heart was as warm as it had been. After she had gone through many things, she knew better than others that sometimes, being sincerely kind might not have to be pampered and given everything she wanted. Sometimes, a touch of worry and blame was rare and precious.

"Well, don't cry." Luo Qingyan held Yun Shang into his arms and whispered to her, "I don't mean to blame you. I just blame myself for not protecting you well. Good girl, don't cry. After you disappeared, I haven't had a good sleep the past days. Let's have a good sleep together, okay? "

Yun Shang took a deep breath, smelling the fragrance of Luo Qingyan, and nodded her head, "okay."

Luo Qingyan abruptly bent down, lifted Yun Shang up, an

go back to the Jin City."

"What?" Yun Shang was surprised. She looked up at Luo Qingyan, "aren't we in the Jin city right now?" She paused for a moment before she realized what Luo Qingyan meant. "But the news of my accident has almost spread throughout the whole state of Xia. Even if I have to return to the Prince Rui's mansion, we still need some time to prepare."

Luo Qingyan hugged Yun Shang and whispered, "I've already arranged it for us. We'll leave the city tomorrow, and then return to the Jin City in glory."

Yun Shang blinked and hesitated for a while, and then blinked again. After a while, she said, "okay."

The next morning, Yun Shang and Luo Qingyan left the Jin City. On the afternoon, something happened outside the Prince Rui's mansion. Several men in ragged clothes came to the gate of the Prince Rui's mansion, saying that Lady Rui sent them to look for the butler of the Prince Rui's mansion. They also mentioned that the south had a serious trouble caused by the flood. Lady Rui was making a diagnosis and treatment for the infected persons in a city named the Yue Qian City a month ago in the south.

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