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   Chapter 524 A Cold War (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5551

Updated: 2020-03-06 00:04

Yun Shang said yes, and saw Luo Qingyan, who had been reading, raising his head seemingly insouciantly and casting a casual glance at her arm. Then he frowned and lowered his eyes again.

The doctor prescribed some medicine for her and left with Qian Yin.

Noticing that Luo Qingyan looked a little cold, Yun Shang kept silent for a moment before she quietly walked to Luo Qingyan's side and whispered to him, "Umm, it's almost dawn. You haven't slept all night. Let's have a rest first."

But Luo Qingyan suddenly stood up and said coldly, "no, I'm not sleepy. Go to sleep first." Then he just walked out of the room.

"Alas..." Yun Shang went blank again and stayed where she was, lost in thought.

As soon as Qian Yin came in the room, she saw Yun Shang's anxiety. She craned her head into the room, but didn't see Luo Qingyan either. Then she walked to Yun Shang and asked, "where's the prince?"

Yun Shang's face darkened after hearing her question. She said sulkily, "I don't know what he is angry about. He didn't sleep the whole night. I just asked him to get some sleep. Then he just stood up and left."

"What?" Qian Yin's eyes widened in shock. She stared at Yun Shang's arms for a long time before she said, "that should not be the case. His highness would not send for a physician to check your wounds if there was something wrong with his highness and your highness' relationship."

Silence reigned for a long time before Qian Yin pulled Yun Shang's sleeve and said, "I remember that day when his highness learned from the secret guards that a lot of ants, crickets and crickets suddenly ran out of a courtyard. The secret guard to

t guards, which made you worried even more. "

Luo Qingyan raised his eyes but only shot a glance at Yun Shang with a poker face. Then he quickly looked away. Yun Shang was panicked. She thought for a moment and then squatted down, carefully leaning her head on Luo Qingyan's lap, whispering, "I will never do it again, you... Please don't ignore me like this. "

Luo Qingyan's hand holding the book trembled a little. After a long time, he put down the book and looked down at Yun Shang. His eyes softened, but what he said was still cold, "hurt yourself? That day when the people from the Imperial Guard camp came to you, you already knew that a plot was brewing. If you didn't want to go with them, even if they tried to attack you by force, they wouldn't be able to hurt you at all. But you still went with them out of curiosity. If it weren't for that, none of these things would happen! "

Yun Shang remained silent. Luo Qingyan raised his head again and snorted coldly, almost grinding his teeth, "Ning Yun Shang, sometimes I really want to tie you up and make you stay by

my side all the time."

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