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   Chapter 497 The Incident At The Funeral (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-28 00:24

The seventh Prince answered promptly. "Let him stay in the palace for now. After he recovers, we'll make another plan."

"What do you think?" Hearing that, Xia Huanyu raised his eyes to look at the officers in the court. All the people looked at each other in confusion. After a short while, half of the people stepped out and knelt down behind the seventh prince. "I think what the seventh prince said is very reasonable."

After a short silence, Xia Huanyu called Liu Wenan over and said, "issue an imperial edict. Send some people to the imperial tomb to take the little kid back to the palace."

Yun Shang smiled when she heard the news, "that's a good idea. After all, the little kid is the son of the late crown prince. The empress and the Su clan must avoid arousing suspicion. Otherwise, the emperor will be displeased. If the seventh prince told the emperor what he said today, his Majesty would be impressed with his generosity. He can hit two birds with one stone, because he can also have a good reputation in the court. "

The corpse of the fake Lady Rui will have to be buried after seven days' rest in Prince Rui's mansion's mansion. Although she was the wife of the prince, Lady Rui could not be buried in the imperial tomb, so Xia Huanyu ordered to choose a place on a mountain to the east of the imperial tomb to bury her.

On the day of the funeral, Yun Shang took Qian Yin with her and went out of the Li mansion with Li Qianmo. Outside the Prince Rui's mansion, the soldiers waiting for the funeral were all dressed in plain clothes. Soon the carriage with the coffin came out of the mansion. The Butler observed respectfully, holding the memorial tablet of Lady Rui in his hands. The ghost devo

of the hill quickly and after that, they was nowhere to be found.

The Butler had already regained his composure. He shouted in a hurry, "Her highness is missing! Her highness is missing!" The crowd was so noisy that no one could hear his voice clearly. Yun Shang glanced at him and left with Li Qianmo and Qian Yin in chaos.

"Why is the coffin empty?" Qian Yin mumbled to herself, "it's just a fake body. How come it was gone at funeral?"

Yun Shang was also confused by this. After a long time of silence, she said, "I'll ask the butler secretly. Ask the secret guards to find out where they are."

Qian Yin looked up at Yun Shang and knew who she meant by 'they'. She nodded her head and left to deliver a message. Before dusk, the secret guards had found the place. Yun Shang dressed up in a hurry and went to the inn the secret guards mentioned. She went to the door and knocked at it.

After a long time, the door was opened, and a woman's face came out. She looked at Yun Shang curiously, "who are you?" Yun Shang heard faintly the sound of pulling out a sword. She smiled and said, "it's me. Why don't you invite me in, Yan'er?"

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