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   Chapter 495 A Gust Of Wind

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Hardly had her voice faded away, Yun Shang saw Su Qi and the seventh prince coming out of the palace together. She squinted a little and lowered her head. "Field Marshal Su, the seventh prince, they have come out."

Lady Hua Guo went blank for a moment. She stretched out of the window, and a handkerchief fell from her hand. She said excitedly, "don't tell me it's hard for me to accept the truth. I want to know whether the woman in the coffin is my grandson's wife or not. Although his majesty has confirmed her identity, I don't believe it.". I have heard that the majesty has praised you for your perfect judgment, Mr. Li. I would like you to do me a favor, Mr. Li. I would like to know who tried to kill Lady Rui by all means. If we know who did this, I will not spare him! "

Yun Shang bent down, picked up the brocade handkerchief on the ground, and handed it to her, whispering, "your ladyship..."

Lady Hua Guo snorted coldly, took the handkerchief and shouted, "let's go."

The horseman looked at Li Qianmo and said apologetically, "Lord Li, could you please make some room?"

Li Qianmo hurried to the side of the road. The coachman waved the whip, and the carriage moved slowly towards the road.

As soon as Lady Hua Guo's car drove away, the seventh prince said, "Lord Li."

Li Qianmo frowned, turned around, looked at the gate of the palace, and walked up to the seventh prince, greeting, "Your Highness."

The seventh Prince rolled up his eyes, rolled up his sleeves, and glanced at Li Qianmo. "Looks like Lady Hua Guo was angered by you."

Li Qianmo wiped the sweat from her forehead with his sleeve and nodded: "Yeah. Just now, when I came out, I saw Lady Hua Guo's carriage parked over there. She was sobbing inside. When the emperor asked the Prince Rui's mansion to prepare for the funeral, I noticed Lady Hua Guo's pale face. That's why I wanted to comfort Lady Hua Guo, asking her to not to be too sad. But to my surprise, she called me names. She was really... " Before he finished his words, Li Qianmo heaved a sigh with dissatisfaction.

Su Qi stood aside with a sneer, "Ha. Lady Shu

people would definitely jump out and tell everyone that she was still alive.

Yun Shang narrowed her eyes. But it was a pity. The people behind her were obviously unfamiliar with her temperament. She was good at being patient as well. She would greet her enemy in her previous life with a smiling face, as if nothing had happened, let alone she was only informed of her death. It was just a game of competing who could be more patient, right? Of course she would win.

As well as from the Ya clan sometimes, it was said that the things of those abnormal babies had also caused a huge uproar in the Ya clan. Those who had only heard that they had given birth to an abnormal child, so they hurriedly came to the head of the clan to get rid of the child. However, they might have made an oath to keep their mouth shut. The forbidden area was on fire, but the fire made a huge dead babies' pit found out.

The second day the pit was spotted, a stone tablet suddenly appeared next to it with only eight words written on it, "those who intend to rebel will be punished."

Which caused a series of internal strife within the Ya Clan.

Lady Rui's mourning continued. The people who went to Prince Rui's mansion to offer incense a few days ago were in an endless stream.

The fifth day after Yun Shang came back to the Jin City, she also knew what happened in the imperial tomb when the empress sent people there.

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