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   Chapter 494 Examining The Corpse Of Lady Rui (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5293

Updated: 2020-02-27 00:34

It suddenly occurred to Yun Shang that she had forgotten to inform the Lord Hua Guo's mansion after she sent the letter to Ning Qian and Luo Qingyan. The Lady Hua Guo loved her so much that she couldn't accept the death of her granddaughter-in-law.

Xia Huanyu sighed slightly and said, "please don't be angry, your ladyship. Lady Rui's death hasn't been confirmed yet. The girl is very smart. She won't die so easily."

Lady Hua Guo stamped her crutch at his words, and fell into silence again.

But the seventh prince said, "after I knew the matter, I sent someone to look into the Qi Lan Town. The owner of the only Inn in the Qi Lan Town told me that Lady Rui stayed there for a night. he had a very deep memory because of her beautiful appearance. Lady Rui left an inn early on the day she was killed, and they didn't see each other afterwards. People in the town said that the next day after Lady Rui was killed, some people in the town inquired about Lady Rui's whereabouts in house to house, and also said that they said their master had been assassinated in the mountain half a day's distance from the Qi Lan Town, but she was nowhere to be found. I sent some people to the mountain to look for the body and traces. There are many traces of fighting in the mountain, but it seems that some people have cleaned the place, and no traces have been found, even the corpses. "

Yun Shang couldn't help but frown at the words. She had heard that someone was looking for her in the name of her subordinate when she was waiting for Qian Yin to wake up from the coma in the Qi L

train your grief."

His words sounded a bit stiff, but reasonable. While he was speaking in a loud voice, Yun Shang moved to the window and whispered to Lady Hua Guo, "grandmother, it's me..."

Lady Hua Guo froze and turned to Li Qianmo who kept talking loudly. "Lady Rui is well-educated, gentle and generous, but a beautiful lady like her died so early..."

Then Lady Hua Guo looked aside and finally saw Yun Shang.

Yun Shang opened her mouth again, "grandmother, it's me. I'm not dead. It was a fake body in the palace just now. It's all my fault that I didn't tell Grandma about my safety and made you worried about me. "

Lady Hua Guo was pleasantly surprised, and her eyes shone with delight. "shang'er?"

Yun Shang nodded her head repeatedly and said, "it's not proper to explain to grandmother in detail later. I'm now living in the mansion of the Vice Minister of Ministry of Justice. And there are someone keeping an eye on the Lord Hua Guo's mansion, so grandmother doesn't need to contact me. I'm all right. Don't worry, grandma... "

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