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   Chapter 493 Examining The Corpse Of Lady Rui (Part One)

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In the afternoon, just after Yun Shang had lunch, Li Qianmo came in and whispered, "master, the corpse of Lady Rui has entered the city. I am going to bring the coroners into the palace to make an autopsy. Will you go with me?"

Yun Shang nodded her head, "since you are going to examine my body, of course I'll go." Then she asked Qian Yin to call her secret guards here to help her disguise her appearance. Yun Shang looked at herself in the bronze mirror and found that there was something wrong with her eyes. But if she was going to pretend to be Li Qianmo's servant, she could just lowered her head. That would be all right.

Yun Shang asked Qian Yin to polish Qian Yin's hand and tie her feet with a pair of large shoes. Then she nodded her head to Li Qianmo and said, "let's go."

As Li Qianmo and Yun Shang walked out of the courtyard, they saw two coroners waiting by the side, and both of the coroners had a cloth bag on their back. Seeing that Yun Shang was following Li Qianmo, they handed the two bags to Yun Shang naturally. Li Qianmo couldn't help but frown, but Yun Shang took it quickly and made eye contact with him, indicating that she didn't mind. Li Qianmo coughed to cover his mouth and pretended to be calm.

Li Qianmo got on the carriage, and Yun Shang and the two coroners followed behind the carriage. Yun Shang saw Li Qianmo poke his head out of the window several times along the way and look at her from time to time. Yun Shang knew that Li Qianmo was worried about her. After all, she was from a royal family that she seldom walked like this.

She wanted to find an opportunity to remind Li Qianmo that as she had disguised herself, Li Qianmo should only treat her as a servant. If he continued to behave like this in the pala

Hearing that, Xia Huanyu squinted and kept silent for a while. Then he looked at the butler of Prince Rui's mansion and said, "Butler Luo, have you got it?"

The Butler quickly went forward, bowed to him and said, "I understand. But her highness doesn't like to be served by too many people, so Lady Rui is always served by Miss Qian Yin. But we don't know where Miss Qian Yin is now. I really don't know who can assure these things."

"Well, it's easy to find a pair of shoes once worn by Lady Rui. But the height is..." The seventh prince was silent for a moment. He looked down at the coffin and said, "Your majesty, I guess Lady Rui must often make clothes for herself. Go and see what the shop have measured for her."

Hearing this, the Butler quickly responded, "yes, your highness. I'll prepare it right away."

Xia Huanyu nodded his head. Then the Butler left in a hurry. Yun Shang lowered her head and looked at her toes. She stood silently and said nothing. Then, she heard the Lady Hua Guo say, "Lady Rui is just a woman, but there was a vicious culprit who had asked for her death! I really want to skin the murderer alive! " She gnashed her teeth in anger.

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