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   Chapter 484 The Confession

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Seeing that Yun Shang didn't answer him and there was an overwhelming murderous look in her eyes, Liu Yinfeng's heart missed a beat. He hastily asked, "where are your secret guards and maid?"

Yun Shang kept silent and frowned. She said in a hoarse voice, "in order to protect me, they broke up and left. Now I don't know what happened to them." She was upset that she wasn't strong enough. Every time she came across danger, she had to depend on her people to protect her.

Her heart was torn with grief. Yun Shang clenched her fists secretly and thought, 'Qian Yin, be safe.'

Liu Yinfeng said hurriedly. "You are injured. I will take you down the mountain to see the doctor. My guards are also looking for you in the mountain. Can I ask them for help?"

Yun Shang stood still, as if she didn't understand what he was talking about. Liu Yinfeng sighed and said, "A Yun, I do like you. No matter what happened, I will never hurt you. Trust me once, okay? Think about it. Since we met, have I ever hurt you? "

"You like me?" Yun Shang mumbled to herself. It took her a while to realize what she had said. She looked a bit shocked. "What did you say?"

Seeing this, Liu Yinfeng felt a dull pain in his heart. He kept silent for a moment and smiled bitterly. "I didn't want to tell you at first. As you have been married, I see that you have a good relationship with Prince Rui. But I'm afraid you won't let me approach you if I don't tell you the truth. You don't believe me. "

"But I am a woman?" Yun Shang was surprised, and the confusion in her eyes was apparent.

"A woman?" Liu Yinfeng was also confused as to why Yun Shang said that. He thought about it carefully for a while and said in a forced smile, "you investigated me before? I was said to be a gay? "

Yun Shang nodded.

Liu Yinfeng paused for a while and said, "Well, it was kind of my fault. I'm not a gay, and I and the seventh prince didn't know each other well. On Lady Liu's birthday, The seventh Prince and I got drunk at one time. We might have done something that led people to misunderstandings and had started a rumor. In the city, ther

ntinued, "a servant from the search mountain brought back some packages, and I saw a lot of detoxicating pills and anti-toxic pills in them. There is no need for you to go to the Han Yun Temple with them. You are going to the Ya clan, aren't you? "

Yun Shang frowned but said nothing. Liu Yinfeng had guessed it and sighed. "I should have thought about it the day before yesterday. If you are going to the Han Yun Temple, why do you dress like this? There is no need to ride a horse hurriedly as well." Then he continued, "You shouldn't have come here. Many people in the court stared at Prince Rui's mansion. When you and Prince Rui came to the state of Xia, Prince Rui showed obvious concern for you. Many people know that you are his weakness and wanted to control him by getting to you. If you really want to protect Prince Rui, you should protect yourself well. "

Yun Shang lowered her head and her eyelashes quivered. She knew what he meant, but she didn't want to be the delicate woman behind Luo Qingyan. She wanted to stand side by side with Luo Qingyan as his support, but she seemed to drag him down now.

Liu Yinfeng felt bitterness in his heart and was about to comfort her, but outside came a hurried sound of footsteps. The door was pushed open. Yun Shang looked up and saw the attendant who followed Liu Yinfeng yesterday standing outside with sweat on his face. "Master. We found Miss

Qian Yin."

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