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   Chapter 480 The Trap (Part Two)

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Yun Shang also smiled and said gently, "Well, after all, I was a princess in the state of Ning. As a princess, I can be willful and unreasonable as I want to be."

"If you were willful, there will be no women who are gentle and virtuous." Shen Yilan's loud laughter attracted Su Qi's attention. Seeing this, Shen Yilan stuck out her tongue at Su Qi and turned to Yun Shang and talked to her again. Instead of rouge and powder, Shen Yilan was more interested in weapons. Yun Shang knew a little about them and had a nice conversation with her.

As the sun grew brighter, Su Qi wiped the sweat on his face. He stared at Yun Shang and sneered, "as the wife of Prince Rui, you are here to make a show. How shameless!"

Yun Shang smiled at him, ignored him and chatted with Shen Yilan alone.

After more than two hours, several horses galloped towards them. Everyone looked up and saw several eunuchs dismount from the horses. Su Qi gave a cold smile at them. With assurance, he looked at Yun Shang and the people of the Lord Hua Guo's mansion behind her and then he got up to meet the eunuchs. "Mr. Lin, has the imperial edict arrived?"

The eunuch nodded his head and whispered to Su Qi, "master, we failed. His majesty is asking you to go to the imperial palace with Lady Rui. "

When Su Qi heard that, his face suddenly changed. He clenched his hands into fists in his sleeves. After a long while, he asked, "what happened?"

Before the eunuch could answer, Yun Shang said slowly, "Mr. Lin, what are you whispering to master Su? Did his majesty issue an imperial edict? If there is an imperial edict for us, it will be against the rules if you only tell Master Su about i

u has so many soilders he could use in his hands. After all, the army is of great importance for our state. In my opinion, Field Marshal Su's safety is of great importance as well, and we must protect him well. If Field Marshal Su is taken advantage of by the evildoers and committed a rebellion, it will be a fatal blow to the state of Xia. After all, except for your Majesty's own guards, all the soldiers in the state of Xia are obedient to his orders. Field Marshal Su can order the army to besiege the Lord Hua Guo's mansion today, or perhaps he can order the army to besiege the Imperial Palace tomorrow. Am I right?"

Yun Shang knew that she must beat Su Qi at his weakest point. Yun Shang's father was the emperor too, so she knew exactly what the emperor was afraid of the most. It was a taboo for the power to be too centered. Many people might understand it, but no one ever gave Xia Huanyu such a point of view.

"Nonsense!" Su Qi was absolutely anxious after he heard Yun Shang's words. He pounded on the table, stood up and knelt down suddenly. "Your Majesty, I have no intention of plotting against you."

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