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   Chapter 474 Beauty's Request (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 4903

Updated: 2020-02-23 00:04

Yun Shang took the tea cup from Qian Yin, and put it in her palm.

"It is said that I am a sinister woman who want to be the legal wife of my husband, so I tried every means to murder his old wife and young kids. I didn't get the position of his wife but a side lady, so people all thought I deserved it. But no one knows what the truth is. " Tears welled up in Nuxi's eyes, and her face paled even more. "I didn't know why his first wife and his kids died before. I thought it was just an accident. Once, I heard something that I shouldn't have heard. Then I knew the truth."

"Oh? What is it?" Yun Shang raised her eyebrows, "the truth?"

Nuxi nodded her head fiercely, gnashing her teeth, "yes, the truth. That night, he thought I was sleeping soundly, so he quietly went out of the room. A moment later, a voice came from the courtyard. I was a little surprised, so I got up and moved close to the door, listening to it. A man dressed in black praised him for his good job. He said, 'a real man will never love a woman who will get in the way of his career. It's a good deal to trade his wife and kids' life for wealth and status.' He even said he would marry his master's daughter to my husband one day. "

Recalling what had happened that night, Nuxi trembled, and answered in a trembling voice, "I was so scared. I heard my husband say that the man don't need to worry. Everyone believes that it was me who I killed his wife and kids out of love and hatre

now. But don't worry. Now that I have promised you, I won't break my promise. You go back first and stay with him as usual. Don't eavesdrop in the middle of the night from now on, or you will be in danger if he finds out about it. I will consider how to deal with it carefully. If I get any news, I will send someone to inform you. "

Hearing this, Nuxi quickly kowtowed to Yun Shang several more times, and said, "thank you, your highness."

Yun Shang helped her up and whispered, "I like your temperament. Don't worry. A good girl like you must have a good ending."

Hearing Yun Shang's words, Nuxi was stunned for a moment. Then she smiled bitterly and said, "I don't ask for any good ending. I just hope to get out of that evil man's control. Thank you for your help, your highness. "

After sending off Lady Gu, Yun Shang went back to her room. She raised her eyes to Qian Yin, "You have heard what that Lady Gu said. Is she telling the truth or not, in your opinion?"

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