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   Chapter 473 Beauty's Request (Part One)

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Hearing this, Liu Yinfeng frowned and gave a brittle laugh. "He thinks himself a clever man, but doesn't he know the current situation clearly? Does he still think the Liu clan was still the Liu clan fifteen years ago? If he forbids the seventh prince to enter the door of the Liu clan forever, in less than a year, the Liu clan will disappear in the Jin City. " After saying this, Liu Yinfeng let out a sigh and said, "it would be great if Yinyin was still alive."

"Then, Mister..." The servant didn't understand why his master was in such a rage. He hesitated for a moment and then asked, "are we going back to the Liu clan now?"

"For what?" With a frown on his face, Liu Yinfeng patted his clothes and said, "Now Liu Huansheng has died. The two of them always fight like cannon fodder. A little spark can light them so much. Why should I go back to look for this bad luck?" Then he walked to the door, opened the bead curtains and walked outside.

After coming out of the Long Feng Tower, Yun Shang ordered a carriage to go to the palace gate. Her mind was in a mess and she wanted to ask Xia Huanyu if what Liu Yinfeng said was true or not. Why didn't he tell her about it if it was true?

"Here we are, your highness." There came the coachman's voice from outside. Yun Shang responded softly and kept silent in the carriage. After a long time, she opened her mouth, "let's go back to the mansion."

The coachman was stunned but still nodded his head. Then he turned around and headed for the mansion.

As soon as they entered the gate, Yun Shang was stopped by a maid. "Your Highness, a guest has come. Sister Qian Yin led her to the garden hall."

Yun Shang frowned and asked, "who is it?"

The maid thought for a while and said, "I heard that

they are definitely going to find something in it. "

Yun Shang was taken aback by the information. She raised her hand to touch the Jade Butterfly hairpin on her head, and smiled. "Lady Gu, do you know what the consequences your words will bring to your husband?"

Nuxi's face became even paler. She then said with a wry smile, "of course I know the consequences that will bring him. It is my own fault for not seeing him clear. I've mistaken him before. When I first knew him, I knew he had a wife, and I didn't intend to get involved with him. But after drinking that day, something that shouldn't have happened happened. He said that I couldn't control my feelings, and I forced him to have sex with me when he was drunk. And I believed it. At that time, I thought he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I thought although it was not my original intention, since things have come to this way, I would let him welcome me into his mansion. I love him with all my heart. I don't care about his social status. I'm willing to be with him no matter what. But after he picked up the old Lady Gu and his kids in his mansion, he exposed his true colors to me. "

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