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   Chapter 472 The Meeting (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-22 00:24

"But, apparently, the rebellion happened before we came to the state of Xia," Yun Shang frowned. She felt like she had missed something very important.

"To be exact, it happened after the crown prince died." Liu Yinfeng took a sip of tea, and there was a hint of darkness in his eyes. "Lady Shu has the eleventh prince, and he is now eighteen years old. The Grand Tutor told me that the eleventh prince is smart and knows a lot, but his mother didn't come from a rich family, so he is often looked down upon by others. Moreover, he has a few elder brothers ahead of him. Although the eleventh prince is an adult now, many things in the court are not up to him. He has no chance even if he wants to make a difference. "

A thought suddenly flashed in Yun Shang's mind. Her eyes suddenly lit up after hearing his words. "That's why lady Shu sent her people to make the riot. She actually wanted to give the eleventh prince a chance to show his majesty his ability. The Ya clan was lady Shu's mother clan, and since the crown prince was gone, it was reasonable for the eleventh prince to plead the emperor for taming the rebellion in the name of Lady Shu. At that time, the Ya clan would be suppressed by the eleventh prince. At that time, no matter whether his Majesty would reward him or not, the court would be able to see the eleventh Prince's ability. Then, it will be reasonable to recommend the eleventh prince to have a position in the court."

The corners of Liu Yinfeng's mouth curled up into a smile. He n

heated. Even the women in the backyard are likely to be spies for someone. "

Yun Shang paused, not knowing why Liu Yinfeng suddenly said this to her, but she still said gently, "thank you." Then Yun Shang turned around and walked out after the maid had lifted the crystal curtain.

Liu Yinfeng produced a forced smile and let out a series of sighs, "I just made a cocoon and get myself caught." Then he knocked on his own head and said, "it seems that she likes the shrimp very much just now. I will ask someone to send it to her everyday."

While they were talking to each other, a servant ran to them. He lifted the curtain and entered the room. He looked around the room and made sure he didn't see anyone else. Then he said to Liu Yinfeng, "master, something bad happened. The seventh prince went to the Liu mansion just now and was knocked out by his lordship and her lordship with a stick. Her lordship also said that she didn't allow the seventh prince to enter the gate of the Liu mansion anymore."

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