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   Chapter 471 The Meeting (Part One)

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Yun Shang became more interested in the content of the letter that Liu Yinfeng sent to her. She kept silent for a moment and said, "send a letter to a small yard in the city. Arrange a meeting with

Mr. Liu at the Long Feng Tower at noon tomorrow."

Qian Yin knew it was her fault this time, and felt a little guilty in her heart. So she quickly responded, "yes, I'll arrange it right away."

The Long Feng Towerwas one of the most famous restaurants in the Jin City with a history of hundreds of years. The dishes there tasted good, and it was worth mentioning that the Long Feng Tower was located in the suburbs of the city, with a large private courtyard hidden between the bamboo and peach trees.

Yun Shang dressed up as an ordinary lady, wearing a veil cap, and took a carriage from the back door to the Long Feng Tower with two maids who seldom appeared in front of others.

The private room was called Juan Zhu Lian. There was a peach blossom forest around it. When they walked in, they found that the decoration was very distinctive. There was even no walls, only layers of bead curtains covered the sight around.

Liu Yinfeng was already waiting for her in the private room. Seeing Yun Shang, he raised his head and smiled at her. Then he stood up and called, "A Yun."

Yun Shang greeted him gently and sat down opposite him. A waiter came over and asked Liu Yinfeng, "may I serve the dishes now?"

Liu Yinfeng made no answer but looked up at Yun Shang. Yun Shang smiled slightly and nodded her head to the waiter. The waiter said yes and took his leave.

In a short while, a woman in pink walked slowly towards them with a tray in her hands. She placed the dishes on the table with a faint peach blossom fragrance between her actions.

"A Yun has just arrived at the Jin City,

Hearing this, Liu Yinfeng paused slightly, and the smile in his eyes faded away immediately. "Well..." He sounded disappointed.

Yun Shang didn't know why Liu Yinfeng acted like this, but she also fixed her eyes on him. Liu Yinfeng let out a sigh in his heart and felt that as if he had eaten a bitter fruit, a burst of bitterness slowly spreading in the bottom of his heart.

"Do you know lady Shu's family background?" Liu Yinfeng asked, picked up the cup on the table and stopped looking at Yun Shang.

"Lady Shu?" Yun Shang couldn't help but frown, "I didn't know her identity before, but two days ago when I came to the palace, I talked about it with Lady Xiang. Does it have something to do with Lady Shu?"

Liu Yinfeng nodded his head slowly, "be careful of Lady Shu. She has waited for the emperor for quite a long time to be in the position she was now and desired power more than anyone of us. Lady Shu's parents were of great importance in the Ya clan. Although lady Shu said that the head of the Ya clan had grounded her parents after the rebellion, that was not the case. I dare not say that lady Shu secretly instigated the riot, but her parents have never been under house arrest. "

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