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   Chapter 467 The Investigation Result (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 6178

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"After his lordship had a fight with the young master, he ordered some bodyguards to send him back home. But he didn't expect that young master should send the servants to surround the guards halfway and let the young master take a chance to get rid of them. Young master ran into an alley in a hurry for fear of being caught up by the guards. After the guards got rid of the servants and ran into an alley beside to chase young master, they heard a scream of young master, and then there was a loud noise of "splash". The guards found young master's shoes by the well and felt uncomfortable, so they jumped into the well quickly and found that young master really fell into the well, but only the shoes that had been saved. When they managed to get the young master out of the well, he has already passed away..."

"Have the guards found any trace of someone else near the well?" With a frown on his face, Liu Yinfeng asked in a low voice.

The servant shook his head, "the guards said no."

Hearing this, Liu Yinfeng frowned even deeper. He waved his hand and said, "you can leave now."

A bad foreboding came to Liu Yinfeng's mind when he saw the servant lift the dead body of Liu Huansheng out of the room. He was afraid that what he guessed in the carriage was true. Although Liu Huansheng was stupid, he couldn't not see the huge well. Someone must have done it on purpose. With the prestige of the Liu clan in the city, who wants to do harm to Liu Huansheng needs to weigh the pros and cons. It must be the seventh prince who did this. No one else. What was worse, the seventh Prince acted more quickly and maliciously than he had thought. What would Liu Jin's response be if he knew that it was the seventh prince who killed his son after he woke up.

Meanwhile, a group of people who were discussing what had happened at the gate of

what does it have to do with Liu Huansheng's death?"

Yun Shang let out a soft sigh. "Judging from the fact that the seventh Prince dared to kill his brother, he is not that uninterested in the throne as everyone imagined. On the contrary, he has a strong desire to take that position. I've investigated the seventh Prince's reputation among people and they all thought he was a good man. He is just a prince who is weak, but he has such a good reputation. He must have made great efforts to earn it. However, his uncle Liu Huansheng was an expert on eating, drinking, gambling and frequenting the brothels. Besides, he often offended a lot of people because of his social status, and his reputation was extremely bad. He is the uncle of the seventh prince. He must have done something bad in the name of the seventh prince's uncle. How long do you think the seventh prince will tolerate him? "

Shen Yilan was suddenly enlightened, "You are right! The seventh prince just thinks that his uncle

is still under his tolerance before, but this incident is really too big, and it's related to the Lord Hua Guo's mansion. So the seventh prince really can't stand it this time, so he decided to solve it and solve it once and for all?"

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