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   Chapter 465 The Funeral (Part One)

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Liu Jin and Lord Hua Guo had always been competing with each other for a lot of things in the court. Although he often attended banquets and saw Lord Hua Guo's wife for countless times, they didn't know much about each other, nor did he know what kind of person Lady Hua Guo was. Hearing Lady Hua Guo's words, Liu Jin remained silent for a moment before he apologized, "I'm so sorry for my son's nonsense. Please forgive us for that, Lady Hua Guo."

Lady Hua Guo waved her hand and said, "it's just a fuss. I don't care about it. As for the investigation about Young Lady Liu, since you had entrusted Vice Minister of the Ministry of Justice with the task, and the Lord Hua Guo's mansion could not intervene too much. But the Lord Hua Guo's mansion is also one of the victims. If you have any clue, please inform the Lord Hua Guo's mansion at once, Master of the court. And I thank you for that in advance. "

Hearing Lady Hua Guo's words, Liu Jin promptly answered, "of course we should. Even if her ladyship didn't say it, we would do the same."

"Thank you, Master of the court." Lady Hua Guo curtsied to him, and said, "as Young Lady Liu has just died, you must have a lot of things to deal with in the mansion. So I won't keep you here."

Hearing this, Liu Jin felt more guilty when he recalled that his wife and his daughter-in-law both came to the birthday party of Lady Hua Guo today. "I'm so sorry to make you bother yourself with such things on your birthday day. I'll give you a big gift after returning home. I hope you don't mind." Then he stamped his crutch and turned around to look at Liu Yinfeng. He let out a sigh as if he had grown much older in an instant. "Let's go."

Hearing this, Liu Yinfeng looked away from Yun Shang and nodded his head slightly. He then held Li

selves. There is no need for me to bother the investigation. What is the new Vice Minister of the Ministry of Justice called, by the way? Li Qianmo? I heard there is something fishy about the guy. He saved the eleventh Prince before, and Lady Shu discovered that he was talented, so she recommended him to the emperor. His majesty thinks highly of him after several meetings. I have inspected him. He is indeed talented, smooth and clever. Now he has been promoted to the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Justice in less than a year. This is the first time that I have seen this since I have been an official. "

Nodding his head, Liu Yinfeng replied, "previously the emperor also suspected the identity of that person and had sent dozens of people to investigate him. But nothing special happened. Li Qianmo was from a rich family in the Lin Qi City and is the last disciple of Liu Yunqi, the famous hermit. On a personal visit to Liu Yunqi, I have made a background investigation of him. Li Qianmo is indeed his disciple. He has been studying under his name for nearly six years. Previously, he lived in seclusion with him. A year ago, he was sent by Liu Yunqi to toughen himself in the city. "

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