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   Chapter 462 The Murder (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-20 00:04

"Don't waste your time here. It's not easy for you to get out. Just take a look around." Lady Hua Guo turned around and walked to the yard. But she stopped after a few steps. "I heard you are decorating the Prince Rui's mansion?"

Yun Shang nodded her head, "in fact, I don't really like the previous decorations. When Prince Rui is not around, I want to think about cleaning up the mansion and decorate it."

Lady Hua Guo nodded her head, and said softly, "if it's almost finished, you should throw a small banquet to celebrate it. You just came to the state of Xia not long ago, and I think that you may not know each other very well. But you'll gradually get familiar with the place, and you have to give yourself a chance to get familiar with it."

After a short silence, Yun Shang understood what Lady Hua Guo meant. If she wanted to get what she wanted, she should get familiar with the women in the backyard as soon as possible. Holding a banquet was also a good idea to get to know them.

"I will, grandma. But I'm not good at hosting a banquet before when I was in the State of Ning. And I'm afraid I'll have to bother you with it then." Yun Shang said with a smile.

"Give you some advices? Of course! Then I'm looking forward to seeing you often." As Lady Hua Guo waved to her maids, the maid helped her into her chamber.

Yun Shang thought for a while and walked out of the yard. There was still a bit of noise outside. It must be the servant who was packing up. When Yun Shang was thinking, she saw a little kid poking his head out from the pillar in the back of the

ame instead of her title.

Yun Shang answered with a smile, "just now when I came out of grandmother's yard, I saw Yan'er playing here. So I came to have a chat with him. Are you looking for Yan'er, sister-in-law?"

Lady Shen shook her hand, "No need to call me sister-in-law. I'll call you Yun Shang, and you can call me Yilan." Then she pinched her son's ear and continued, "he is so naughty and always walks up and down all day long. Once I turn around, he is already gone."

While they were talking, an servant hurried over, as if he was heading for the yard where Lady Hua Guo lived. Shen Yilan immediately grabbed the arm of the attendant and said, "Why are you running? Lady

Hua Guo is sleeping."

The attendant hastily stopped, bowed to Shen Yilan, and then bowed to Yun Shang before he said, "Lady Shen, something wrong happened. After Master of the court's daughter-in-law went out of our mansion, she bled from her nose and mouth in a halfway. The doctor said that she was poisoned. Mister Liu is coming with his servants, making a big fuss."

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