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   Chapter 460 Imperial Household's Strife (Part Two)

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The woman was stunned by Princess Qian Ling's words. She lowered her head and said nothing, considering Princess Qian Ling's status.

Yun Shang took a look at Princess Qian Ling and said with a smile, "it's my fault. Today is grandmother's birthday. I'm the half host of the banquet. I should entertain every lady politely." Yun Shang smiled and looked at Lady Hua Guo, who was talking to someone else. "It's just that I just arrived at the state of Xia, so I'm not familiar with all the ladies. I feel a little uneasy, so I'm only talking to Qian Ling."

That lady heard Yun Shang's words and replied: "that's right. We also want to get to know Lady Rui. Lady Rui has such a beautiful face and smooth skin, which makes us very envious. We wonder where you bought your makeup."

Yun Shang was a little surprised at her words. Thinking of Lady Hua Guo's words just now, she smiled more brightly. Those young ladies were really interested in these things as Lady Hua Guo said.

"It's a coincidence. When I was in the state of Ning, I liked to buy makeup and hairpin from a shop called Qianshui Pavilion. The blushes and powders are exquisite there, so I didn't feel that my skin is getting worse and worse as they are used. The accessories on the hairpins were always in the most fashionable style and of good design. And they are of good quality as well. I thought I would lose it as soon as I arrived in the state of Xia, and I bought more before I came. But when I passed by the Zhu Que Street the other day, I saw a shop named Qianshui Pavilion too. It's on the same level with the shop in the State of Ning. " Yun Sh

own to all. We don't know why she still has the nerve to show up. "

Yun Shang looked at the woman who was speaking, and then at the woman who was called a seductress. The woman turned to look at her, and sneered in a cold way, "do you have any evidence to prove it's me who killed the lady and the two kids?"

"Evidence? Do I have to show you evidence?" Those women all sneered coldly and turned their heads away.

Yun Shang thought to herself that most wives in the imperial household would hate the concubines who wanted to replace them by all means. Yun Shang smiled and helped the woman stand straight. "You will be put in prison if you accuse others of murder without any evidence."

Those women had to give in reluctantly after Yun Shang's words.

After a while, the guests took their seats. Lady Hua Guo led them to the yard, and sat down. As soon as they took their seats, a sharp voice sounded, "where's my jade pendant? Where is my jade pendant? " Yun Shang looked up and saw the lady in rouge who spoke to her first a moment ago was looking for her jade pendant.

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