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   Chapter 454 The Return Of The Emperor's Mother (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5496

Updated: 2020-02-18 00:04

It was not until Yun Shang got off that she saw the woman clearly. Her hair had turned gray and her face had been covered with a few wrinkles, but her eyes were a little shrewd.

"Mother." Xia Huanyu walked forward and reached out his hand, in an attempt to hold the old empress' hand. When the latter looked up at him, she only wore a cold smile at the corners of her mouth. Then she passed Xia Huanyu and walked forward without a word.

She was a little aggressive. Yun Shang thought to herself.

Xia Huanyu didn't care about it at all. He slowly took back his hand and followed the old woman to go to the palace. When they arrived at the palace, the old empress gasped for air and sat down at the top of the hall. Her eyes fell on Xia Huanyu who was standing in the hall. She snorted coldly, took over a cup of water from a servant, rinsed her mouth and spit out the water. Then she took over the teacup, took a sip of the tea, and tried to calm herself down. "You are so powerful, your majesty. You even punished your own sister. She was sentenced into the prison just by a casual word of yours."

Yun Shang couldn't help wanting to laugh at the old empress' words. The old empress had fought in the palace for a lifetime. She knew that her plan had been exposed to Xia Huanyu, but she still looked dignified as if he was the one who had done a terrible mistake.

Yun Shang looked at Xia Huanyu and saw a half side of his face. The wound in the middle of his face was horrible and cold. "Mother, why don't you ask me what good has Tai An done?" asked him.

Hearing this, the old empress slammed the teacup on the plate held by a


Xia Huanyu secretly clenched his hands in his sleeves and waved his sleeves, shouting harshly, "you back off."

People in the hall looked at each other and was about to leave when the abdicated old empress raised his voice. "Why do you want them to go? Are you afraid that they will know what kind of past you have? What's done is done. Why are you still afraid of gossip? Do you think I feel good seeing the murderer of my son every day? I'm not resigned to your fate. I just can't do anything to you when the Lin clan is destroyed! "

The old empress roared in a hoarse voice, but she looked at them sharply. "Your sons has learned nothing from you, but what they has learned is exactly what you are good at. You are so evil to kill your brother to take the throne. "

Xia Huanyu sneered. "So mother targeted my son? Tai An is their aunt. How can you let them do such a shameless thing? Mother, how crazy and unreasonable you are! "

"Go to hell!" The old empress humphed and turned around and sat down again. "Unfortunately, I can't live to see the day you die. Just release Tai An."

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