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   Chapter 453 The Return Of The Emperor's Mother (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-17 00:34

"Become the empress of the new emperor and rejuvenate the Lin Clan." A burst of laughter suddenly came from inside the palace. The four of them widened their eyes in shock, and the plate with pastries in their hands fell to the ground with a loud bang, their faces filled with fear. Before the four maids could react, they heard the high pitched voice of the emperor, "come on, guards, take them inside the palace!"

After the four people were brought into the palace by guards, they figured out what was going on in the room. The emperor was sitting in a chair in the front. There were many people in the hall, including many imperial concubines, several princes and ministers in the court. Their princess was escorted by several guards. Her mouth was stuffed with the peach blossom handkerchief that she usually liked. Her face was pale and her eyes were closed, as if she didn't want to face the situation again.

"I don't know that my mother and my sister planned this in their minds. As the old empress' clan, I have been particularly lenient to the Lin Clan for what they had done in those years. According to the crime of treason, all the nine clans were supposed to be executed, but I just exiled them. Even if the old empress had committed so many crimes with them, I had always respected her as my biological mother. It was not until today that I knew the only one she cared about was still the Lin Clan. What a good surprise! Good! This is so good! "

Xia Huanyu glanced coldly at the Princess Tai An and the four maids kneeling on the ground. He called out, "guards, take the Princess Tai An to the prison. These four maids have ill minds, beat

them to death with a stick."

"Yes, your majesty," answered Liu Wenan in a hu

he Qian Ling Palace as well.

In the next few days, nothing special happened. Yun Shang thought carefully. It was probably because of Luo Qingyan and Lord Hua Guo were going to tame the rebellion. The rebellion hasn't subsided yet, so the people of the late Crown Prince of the court was probably still in watch. They were waiting to see what Luo Qingyan and Lord Hua Guo would do after they came back.

Four days later, the old empress returned to the palace.

As a member of the royal family, Luo Qingyan and Yun Shang had to go to the palace to greet the old empress. The empress had sent someone to inform them early in the morning.

When Luo Qingyan and Yun Shang arrived at the palace, Xia Huanyu was already waiting for the

old empress with his concubines, sons, and daughters at the palace gate. About an hour later, a carriage slowly drove from the outside of the palace to the gate. The door was opened, and four maids got out. Then the four maids stood stately and stood quietly on both sides, with a hand with wrinkles on it. A moment later, a woman with a bow was seen. She got out of the carriage and held the maid's hand to get off it.

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