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   Chapter 452 An Extremely Shocking Secret (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5793

Updated: 2020-02-17 00:24

"What's wrong?" Chun Tao asked in a hurry, "is her highness looking for us?"

"You're right." The eunuch patted his chest and said, "Her Highness, when she went out of the meeting hall, she didn't find you everywhere. You are making her highness angry. Why don't you go to see her highness now? Her highness is in the Qian Ling Palace now."

The Qian Ling Palace where Princess Tai An went to rest was the palace of the emperor's mother. The emperor's mother loved Princess Tai An so much. Even if she was not in the palace now, the Princess Tai An would go to the Qian Ling Palace whenever she came.

After the eunuch left, the four people stood up and said, "it's all because of Chun Tao. She asked

us to come to eat. What if the princess really gets angry?"

"You are just a coward, Xia He. Don't worry. I, Chun Tao, will protect you. her Highness wouldn't get angry." Then she took out the cakes behind her. There were only four of them left. Chun Tao giggled and rearranged the whole situation, which made the cakes look agreeable. "We told the guards that it would be some time before her highness could come out. Thinking that her highness didn't have much breakfast today, we went to the imperial kitchen to take some cakes for her highness to eat. But we didn't expect her highness to come out so soon."

The other three people nodded their heads and followed Chun Tao towards the Qian Ling Palace.

As soon as the four of them made their way to the inner palace of the Qian Ling Palace, they heard the sound of the cups fall to the ground. They looked at each other and stopped in their tracks.

"You are finally back? I thought you would never come back. " Princess Tai An's voice came from inside, with a bi

the princess who did all this, I'm afraid even your highness' mother can't protect you, your highness. "

"Such being the case, should I let Prince Rui live happily then?" Princess Tai An sneered in a cold way.

"Your Highness, since the crown prince has already gone, we must take his revenge. But Your highness should not be in a hurry doing this. Calm down, your highness. There are many people who want to take revenge after his crown prince is dead. The empress should be the first to take the lead. Why are you acting so aggressive right now? The old empress always said that the princess was impulsive and asked us to persuade your highness to be calmer. You should also take the painstaking efforts of the old empress. She brought you up in the hope that you would become the empress of the new emperor and rejuvenate the Lin Clan. Now that the crown prince is already dead, there will definitely be a new Crown Prince. No matter who the new Crown Prince is, he will definitely be your future husband. Your highness, why do you always persist in the man who is already dead... " Chun Tao continued to persuade the Princess Tai An in a low voice.

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