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   Chapter 434 Who Was The Real Culprit (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-13 00:22

Then she asked an eunuch to take Ya Nu from the Wei Yang palace.

But the eunuch didn't take Ya Nu with him. "Ya Nu hung myself in the chamber, your majesty. I've found a letter in her room. Your majesty and your majesty, please have a look at it. " With that, he presented the letter to Xia Huanyu.

Frowning, Xia Huanyu took it over and read it with a frown, then he handed it to the empress. The empress quickly took the letter and read it carefully. She frowned and said, "Ya Nu left a letter to us, saying that it was Lady Mei who ordered her to do so. It was written in the letter that the Lady Mei belonged to the same place as her. Lady Mei asked people to arrest her sister and brother as a threat and force her to do such a heinous thing. She thought Lady Mei would free her sister and brother after she finished the job. But she heard that Lady Mei were in the cold palace now. And she knew that she couldn't hide it anymore. So she hung in there. "

There was a moment of silence in the room. Seeing Ning Qian's cold smile on her face, Yun Shang knew that Lady Mei was just a scapegoat.

Xia Huanyu stood up and said, "according to the order, took away the title of the nobleman of Lady Mei and began to discuss the matter in the name of murder of emperor's daughter. Kill Lady Mei immediately." Then he stood up and walked towards the inner hall. "It's all settled. You guys can leave now. It's so noisy here. Qian Ling still needs some good rest."

Everyone responded yes. The empress stood up after she saw Xia Huanyuenter the inner hall. She stared at Ning Qian for a moment, and then turned her gaze to Yun Shan

ed around and walked out of the palace.

"Mister..." The servant boy standing behind him carefully looked at Liu Yinfeng and said softly, "Mister, we rushed here as soon as we heard that Princess Qian ling was poisoned. Why don't you get in the palace?"

Liu Yinfeng went blank for a while and stopped in his tracks, and then he replied in a low voice, "didn't you hear lady rui mention it just now? The real murderer has been captured, and Princess Qian Ling's body is fine. What else can I do in the palace? I'm not an imperial physician. "

The servant immediately nodded his head and said, "yes, yes." But in fact he thought to himself, 'Mister Liu has only met Princess Qian Ling for a few times, and they are not even familiar with each other. Why didn't he give any reaction when he heard that Princess Qian Ling was poisoned? After studying the situation in detail, he suddenly changed his expression and rushed to the imperial palace. He even left the imperial palace without going into to the imperial palace now. It is really hard to guess what he is thinking right now.'

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