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   Chapter 432 Cut The Crap (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5728

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The empress' face immediately changed before she pounded the table angrily, "nonsense! How could it be possible for this poison to exist in my palace?"

Liu Wenan lowered his head and said in a low voice, "I can't lie to you, your majesty. This package of poison powder was really found from the Wei Yang Palace. It was said to be a maid's room and we found in a corner by the room of a maid named Ya Nu.

"Ya Nu?" Xia Huanyu frowned after hearing this and looked at the empress. "Is she your maid in charge of your makeup?"

The empress nodded her head and frowned even more tightly. "I don't know why it appears in the Wei Yang Palace. I will interrogate Ya Nu after I go back to my place. It's just that Ya Nu had been in the Wei Yang Palace all day yesterday, and she haven't seen Qian Ling in the afternoon. Yesterday, after Qian Ling returned to the palace, she went to the Xiang Zhu Palace. His majesty, why not ask Qian Ling's hidden guard who has contacted her in the Xiang Zhu Palace yesterday? "

Xia Huanyu didn't make any comment at her words. Instead, he made a gesture at Liu Wenan, who nodded his head and clapped his hands. Then two bodyguards came in.

"Think carefully. Who did the Princess Qian Ling meet yesterday afternoon?" Turning his jade ring on his finger, Xia Huanyu said in a low voice.

The two bodyguards looked at each other and immediately replied, "Your Majesty, after the afternoon yesterday, her highness went to Prince Rui's mansion and had some contact with Lady rui. Then, her highness went back to the palace and met lady Yun. When her highness arrived at the Xiang Zhu Palace, the emperor held her highness to sit for a while. When her highness left, and her highn

d, "what's special about her clothes?"

Liu Wenan took over a plate from another eunuch, on which lay a pink robe covered with mud. "I don't know, either. I have to take it here and let the imperial physicians have a look at it."

The imperial physician quickly came to surround them. He spread out the robe to check for a moment before he said gently, "Your Majesty, on the sleeve of this robe is the poison's powder. It's the poison that Princess Qian ling has been poisoned."

Hearing this, the maid named Zhu'er, who was kneeling on the ground, trembled slightly with fear. She bit her lips, her eyes glittering with fear. Yun Shang smiled at this. What a fabulous actress she was.

Hearing the imperial physician's words, the secret guard standing by said immediately, "the princess fell yesterday. She was raised up by the maid by her hands, and she even wiped the princess' face with her sleeves."

The imperial physician looked at each other in dismay. "I'm afraid that at that time, the poison had already entered her Highness' mouth. her highness us so young. A small amount of poison will be enough to kill her highness."

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