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   Chapter 429 The Warning

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The Xiang Zhu Palace should be where Ning Qian lived. When Yun Shang was thinking about it, a hatred flashed in the empress' eyes and she concealed it immediately. She smiled indifferently. "I wanted to have a good talk with you. Now that his majesty wants to see you, then go first."

Yun Shang curtsied to the empress and left with the servant.

"I haven't seen my father for a long time. I want to go with you." Princess Qian Ling's voice came from behind her, "sister in law, wait for me."

Yun Shang paused for a while, and then she was held by Princess Qian Lingg. After they left the Yunqi palace, Princess Qian Ling glanced at the servants who walked in front of them and said in a low voice, "tell you a secret. The lady from the Xiang Zhu Palace is even more beautiful than you. It's just that she doesn't pay any attention to me. I don't like her. "

Yun Shang's eyes fell on Qian Ling who looked innocent. She was a little annoyed that the girl growing up in the palace was so scheming at the age of twelve that she told her first that Lady Xiang was even prettier than her to get her annoyed. Women were always narrow-minded, especially with a beautiful face. There was always a slight enmity between women who were more beautiful than themselves. That was exactly what Qian Ling wanted. She wanted to make Yun Shang dislike the Lady Xiang in the first place. Then, she told Yun Shang that Lady Xiang chose to ignore her because she didn't like her. She wanted Yun Shang to know that they were on the same side.

"Really?" Yun Shang frowned. "She is really more beautiful than me?"

"It's not my words. Since you came, people all hold a comparison between you and Lady Xiang."

Yun Shang smiled and said no more.

A lot of Hunan bamboos were planted in the Xiang Zhu Palace. Yun Shang heard someone playing when she walked in. Someone was playing the zither behind a piece of white veil.

"Father, father." However, Qian Ling hadn't seen the emperor, before she had thrown away Yun Shang's hands and rushed into the palace, shouting and yelling.

"It's Qian Ling." Xia Huanyu's voice came through, which sounded indifferent and emotionless.

It suddenly came to Yun Shang's mind that there was information in her pamplet, on which Princess Qian Ling was the apple of Xia Huanyu's eye. Yun Shang paused for a second and walked in. It turned out that Ning Q

nd then went in. After a while, Luo Qingyan walked out of the door quickly. His cold face softened a little as he saw Yun Shang outside the palace. He walked to her and said, "what are you doing here? How long have you been waiting? "

Yun Shang smiled. "Just now, Princess Qian Ling came to our mansion. I sent her back to the palace and stayed with Lady Yun for a while. Then the emperor called me to the Xiang Zhu Palace. I played chess with his majesty there."

Luo Qingyan nodded. "Wait a moment. I'll go back to pack up and then we'll go back home."

Yun Shang said yes and waited at the door of the meeting hall. After a while, Prince Jing came out with several officials. Yun Shang smiled at him as he said goodbye to the officials and then walked to Yun Shang, holding her hand and leading her to the gate.

"I have met Princess Qian Ling twice, well... She seems quite 'innocent'... " Luo Qingyan said in a light voice. With a heavy accent on the simple and innocent words, Yun Shang smiled and understood what he wanted to say.

"Okay, I'll keep that in mind."

However, Yun Shang didn't expect that Princess Qian Ling still had an accident. The next morning, as soon as Yun Shang got up, she saw Prince Jing frowning slightly. Prince Jing turned to Yun Shang and said, "Princess Qian Ling suffered from abdominal pain last night. The imperial physician said she was poisoned. Now the palace is in a mess. Qian Yin said that Princess Qian Ling had some osmanthus cake in our mansion yesterday?"

Yun Shang nodded to him. She was fully aware that the target was her.

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