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   Chapter 428 Princess Qian Ling (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-12 00:02

Yun Shang smiled at the Princess Qian Ling and said gently, "the imperial cooks in the palace are all superb. It seems that they haven't prepared any food for you."

"Yes, they didn't. Because of my illness these days, those imperial physicians and maids are so annoying. They don't allow me to eat what I like. They are really disappointing me. " Qian Ling blinked and looked at Yun Shang. "Sister in law, I heard that there are a lot of delicious food in the state of Ning. You are the princess of the state of Ning, so you must have eaten a lot of delicious food, right?"

Yun Shang chuckled, "not really. I spent seven years in the temple before I was fifteen. I had no meat to eat at all."

After hearing this, Qian Ling stared at Yun Shang with a pitiful look in her eyes for a long time, and said, "a vegetarian meal in the temple is terribly awful, sister-in-law, it must be really hard for you."

Just then, Qian Yin brought a plate over, on which a cup of fruit tea and some cakes were placed. Without looking at the fruit tea, Qian Ling grabbed a piece of cake and began to eat. Her eyes were bright, "what's this? It tastes very good."

Yun Shang looked up and said, "yes, it's osmanthus cake. I've always liked osmanthus cake. The osmanthus cake in the Yuman tower in the imperial city of the state of Ning is unique and I don't want to leave it behind. So I brought the chefs of Yuman tower here."

"Yummy! Yummy!" After that, she ate another piece of Osmanthus cake. Then, she took the fruit tea and drank a large cup of tea.

After finishing the osmanthus cake, Qian Ling suddenly shouted, "O

and smiled. "Everything is fine. I'm not unaccustomed to the state of Xia. It's just that we just settled. I have to take care of the mansion's affairs. I'm quite busy recently, your majesty. "

"Really?" The empress smiled. "Speaking of which, Prince rui should also call me mother. You've just arrived. If you are busy and need help, just tell me. Do you have enough servants? I've heard that you only brought thirty-six servants with you? "

Yun Shang nodded her head, "yes, we don't need too many servants. Both his highness and I don't like many servants to serve us, so we just need enough."

"I had wanted to send some people to you. Since you are not happy with many people, then that's fine." The empress said in a casual manner, "if the mansion has been well arranged, you should also come in the palace often."

Yun Shang nodded and answered yes.

While they were talking, a servant came in and bowed to the empress. "Your Majesty, his majesty heard that lady rui is in the Yunqi palace, so he asked me to came to ask Lady Rui to go to the Xiang Zhu Hall."

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