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   Chapter 427 Princess Qian Ling (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5772

Updated: 2020-02-11 23:05

As her clothes were soaked with wine, Yun Shang took an excuse to leave early. Prince Jing stood up to make an apology and left with her. They went out of the palace and went to the prince's mansion in a carriage.

"Is the wine poisoned?" Luo Qingyan squinted, with intense coldness in his eyes.

Yun Shang nodded, "that maid is really smart. I have been drinking tea before. If she has added the wine to the table very early, I would be suspicious about it. People paid close attention to Vice Minister Su and Princess Tai An at that time. She got the courage to pour the wine, probably because she saw that I didn't pay attention to my table. I was not suspicious at first, but she changed the seats of my tea cup and wine cup before pouring the wine. I was suspicious about it, so I gave you a secret signal, letting you shout so she could spill the wine. After the wine was spilled, I confirmed that the wine was really poisonous. " Just now, when the chopsticks were touched by the wine on the table, their color changed a little. All the chopsticks in the palace were made of silver.

Luo Qingyan held Yun Shang's hands, frowned, and let out a sigh. "After knowing my identity, I sent some people to the state of Xia. However, the situation was not clear at that time, because those people were useless. Now that we have just started our new life here, and someone is plotting against us that we are not familiar with this place and wants to kill you. It seems that I should transfer my power to the state of Xia as soon as possible. But other people who cast greedy eyes on us will be on the alert, so we will wait at least three months. Shang'er, you'd better stay at home and pretend that you get sick during the thre

n. When she saw Yun Shang, she released her grip on the bead curtain, took a step forward and walked to her with a smile, "What are you doing?"

Before Yun Shang could answer, Princess Qian Ling stood on tiptoe and looked at the book in Yun Shang's hand. She said with a frown, "women's rules? What's so good about women's rules? "

When Yun Shang was about to say something, Princess Qian Ling patted her head again. "Oh, sister-in-law you must not know who I am. My name is Qian Ling, and you can call me Seventeen."

Yun Shang grinned as she noticed that Princess Qian Ling didn't seem to be about to say anything. Then she turned to Qian Yin, who was standing beside, and ordered, "make a cup of fruit tea for Princess Qian Ling, and bring the cakes I made before."

Hearing this, Qian Ling's eyes lit up. "On that day in the Palace Banquet, I got sick, so my mother didn't let me go. Later, I heard from my sister that you are very beautiful, so today, my mother finally allowed me to go out of the palace. I hurriedly came here to see you. You are really so beautiful, sister-in-law. You even know that I love eating. You are so kind. "

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