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   Chapter 425 The Feast (Part One)

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After that, everyone stood up. Yun Shang looked up at the empress in the center seat. The empress didn't have a very pretty face, but she had a kind of inborn dignity.

Yun Shang felt someone was looking at her, so she raised her eyes and saw a dim figure sitting beside the throne. A touch of surprise flashed through Yun Shang's eyes when she saw the person. How could she forget that Ning Qian was the beloved concubine of Xia Huanyu? Of course she should attend such a serious occasion.

But they didn't dare to let the others detect that they knew each other. They looked at each other for a short second and hurriedly moved away. But Yun Shang's glance with her was still caught by the empress. The empress smiled and looked at Ning Qian. "Lady Xiang has been looking at Lady Rui the whole time. But what's wrong with Lady Rui?"

Hearing this, Ning Qian flashed a smile at her. She turned to Yun Shang again, and said, "I've wondered why this lady is so beautiful and I have never seen her before. Turns out she is lady Rui. No wonder."

The empress smiled softly. "When I first met lady rui today, I was also shocked. I think how is there such an elegant and refined lady in the world. She is as beautiful as you, Lady Xiang, but you are more refined than her and Lady Rui is more elegant than you."

Yun Shang quickly curtsied to the empress and said, "your majesty and your highness really have flattered me. I am not as good as you said."

Hearing Yun Shang's words, the empress smiled again and said, "but speaking of Lady rui, I have to mention that Prince rui really has a handsome face, almost the same as his majesty when he was young. When I saw him earlier, I was shocked. It's really father and son, they l

resent looked over at Prince Rui.

Yun Shang's lips curled into a smile as she glanced around the crowd to see the expressions on their faces. Then she heard her Lady Hua Guo speak beside her in a small voice. "Watch out for Princess Tai An."

Yun Shang didn't know why Lady Hua Guo said that, but she knew that Lady Hua Guo wouldn't say that for no reason. So she lowered her voice and responded yes, glancing at Princess Tai An. Although she was in her thirties, she looked well preserved. She looked like she was only twenty-five or twenty-six, and she looked calm and charming. With a faint smile on the corner of her mouth, she stared at Luo Qingyan, with darkness in her eyes.

As if sensing Yun Shang's gaze at her, Princess Tai An looked away after smiling to Yun Shang.

"It's said that there is no concubine nor other women in Prince Rui's mansion. Lady Rui was the only woman that Prince Rui has. All women in the world must be so jealous of you, Lady Rui." The empress said calmly, as if she was talking about it unintentionally. But Yun Shang kept an eye on it. Was it possible that the empress wanted to sent Prince Rui other women?

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