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   Chapter 423 Getting Into The Mansion

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In the crown prince's mansion. Yun Shang lifted her eyes to look at the plaque above the door, and frowned. Liu Wenan had been keeping an eye on their expressions. He said to Prince Jing with a smile, "Your Highness, please forgive my negligence. The emperor's decree came so suddenly that I didn't have the chance to change it. However, the servants of the crown prince are still here and cleaned it every day. It should be clean as well."

Yun Shang turned to look at the somewhat cold door. She hesitated for a moment before saying, "no women? What should we do with the people who used to live here? "

Hearing Yun Shang's question, Liu Wenan glanced at her and said, "don't worry, your highness. The emperor of the crown prince's family has already moved to another yard. According to the rule of the state of Xia, they have to guard the tomb for three years. Since the crown prince is no longer here, they can't stay in the crown prince's house any more."

Yun Shang listened in silence for a long time without saying a word. Liu Wenan had served the emperor for many years, but for the first time he found the unexpected appearance of Prince Rui and Lady Rui confused him. He bowed and said, "Prince Rui, lady Shun Rui, let's go inside."

Luo Qingyan turned to look at Yun Shang. He took her hand and said gently, "come in. From now on, it will probably be our home."

Yun Shang lowered her head and smiled bitterly. They were in the state of Xia now. No matter what intention Xia Huanyu held and made such an arrangement, they could only accept it.

As they followed Liu Wenan entered the crown prince's house, Yun Shang found that the mansion looked rather luxurious. Even the path was paved with jade. However, it was splendid, but less refined. As soon as they entered the house, he saw a large garden, filled with various kinds of precious flowers and plants, especially with peony. The garden led to the flower room. In the flower room, there were various kinds of jade. On the wall were several grand landscape paintings. The tables and chairs were all made of expensive rosewood, and the teacup on the table was also rare colored porcelain.

The head of the f

and went out.

Qian Yin brought servants in and out to place things. Yun Shang had slept a lot in the carriage these days, so she didn't feel sleepy. She held Luo Qingyan's hand and sat in the room while speaking, "I always feel that I have suddenly arrived at this strange place, and I feel a little nervous because I have met so many strangers. Just now at the gate of the palace, I thought that the empress should be cunning and scheming. What's more, as soon as Xia Huanyu came here, he made you the spot of danger and gave the crown prince's mansion to you. I wonder what he was up to. "

Luo Jinyan gave a wee smile and shook Yun Shang's hand, "it doesn't matter. We just need to be careful."

Yun Shang nodded. Qian Yin, who was placing the things aside, said, "Your Highness is in the state of Xia now. You still call him 'Xia Huanyu'. It will be bad if someone hear it."

Yun Shang couldn't help laughing, "Qian Yin is so considerate."

Hearing this, Qian Yin came over. Seeing that Prince Jing was reading a book beside, she approached Yun Shang and said, "Your Highness, when will we meet Qian Qian?"

Yun Shang smiled and touched the tip of her nose. "Don't worry. We just came here. There are many people watching us. We'd better be careful at this moment."

Qian Yin pouted. When she was about to say something, a voice came from outside. "Your Highnesses, the doorman is reporting that the Lord Hua Guo and his wife are here."

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