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   Chapter 418 The Temptation

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On hearing this, Liu Yinfeng's hand paused for a moment before he tapped the teacup cover to pour the tea. Then, he nodded, "that's the truth. My parents passed away when I was a child, and I was saved and adopted by Master of the court. In order to repay him, I have promised to be a teacher of the seventh prince."

Prince Jing narrowed his eyes and said, "you and Master of the court are both officials at the same time. Could you please tell us where you should start if Master of the court and the emperor of Xia don't get along?"

Hearing this, Liu Yinfeng was dazed for a moment, his eyes shining. After a while, he replied gently, "I am a official, and naturally I should respect the people above me."

Prince Jing glanced at Liu Yinfeng who had a calm face and smiled. "No wonder the emperor of the state of Xia praised you a lot. Now I understand it."

On the way back, Yun Shang looked at Prince Jing for a while and asked softly, "Your Highness, why did you ask Mister Liu those questions? It is an offensive request for us to come here. Although Mr. Liu has answered you, I don't think he really meant it. "

Prince Jing patted Yun Shang's head with a smile and whispered, "I don't like you mention any other men in front of me."

"……" Yun Shang lowered her eyes and said nothing.

After a short while, the carriage stopped. Prince Jing got off the carriage first and extended his hand to hold Lady Jing. Then Yun Shang found they wasn't in front of Prince Jing's mansion. Yun Shang was surprised. She turned to Prince Jing. He said, "didn't you just receive the incense of Buddha? Let's go and see how it worked. "

Yun Shang's eyes flashed with surprise. She nodded, "OK."

So Jing Wenxi must be held here? As Yun Shang looked around, she saw a small yard, which was even more dilapidated than the one where Liu Yinfeng lived. Prince Jing grabbed her hand, knocked at the door, and the door opened. A head came out of the room and looked at Prince Jing. With excitement in his eyes, he said, "your highness? I thought you forgot there was someone kept here. "

Prince Jing

om of the Pure Peak Temple?"

Jing Wenxi stated coldly, "I've asked die'er of the Yan Zhi Tower to seduce Cangjue Kangning. I saw they made love in front of me, and then I joined them."

Yun Shang nodded to Prince Jing and shouted, "Jing Wenxi, what is your relationship with your father Jing Kui?"

"Jing Kui is not my father, but my master. Jing Kui asked someone to teach me lyre playing, chess, calligraphy and painting, how to seduce men, and personally teach me how to seduce men. He asked me to call him my father."

Yun Shang squinted her eyes. This was the same as what she had investigated. She smiled and continued, "I want to know why Jing Kui want you to seduce Cangjue Kangning?"

"Jing Kui want me to be taken into the palace by Prince Cangjue Kangning. He wants me to be with his majesty alone. He wants me to drug his majesty, so that I can become his Majesty's woman and smoothly enter the palace. Jing Kui also want me to tell Cangjue Kangning that Lady Jing insulted him like that at the royal banquet. He should take a revenge. If he wants to take revenge, he can ally with Jing Kui. "

Yun Shang couldn't understand why Jing Kui wanted to cooperate with Li Jingyan to fight against Cangjue Kangning. As he had already become the head of the officials, it was understandable for him to try every means to send Jing Wenxi to his majesty.

"Why did Jing Kui do that?"

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