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   Chapter 416 The Secret (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5669

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"Really?" Emperor Ning looked up at the head of court of justice and said to him, "you said it had something to do with the Jing clan. What happened? What evidence do you have? "

The head of the court of justice quickly told emperor Ning what had happened in the Fuya. Emperor Ning thought for a moment and frowned. "According to what you said, it does have something to do with the Jing clan. However, the woman of the brothel said that it was planned by Jing Kui from Jing Wenlan words, but there is no real evidence to prove it has something to do with Jing Kui. The two papers on Jing Wenlan's body could be at most blamed for Jing Wenlan, but he is dead right now. As for the rest, if you bring these evidences to Jing Kui's mansion, Jing Kui just needs to say a few words to make him look innocent. That's enough. I can only blame him for not being able to control his son. "

The head of court of Justice said after a short silence. "As for the two girls, although I have ordered to arrest the onlookers and arrest them temporarily, grand councilor Jing will receive the news sooner or later. Isn't it a good idea to alert the enemy?"

"Wouldn't we alert the enemy by doing this?" Yun Shang asked the same question to Prince Jing in Prince Jing's mansion.

Prince Jing nodded his head, "it's exactly because this action will alert the enemy, so Jing Kui would not suspect it had something to do with me and think it is indeed a coincidence. He is even afraid that such a coincidence will cause the attention of his majesty, so he will definitely erase the traces that had not been able to remove before. Thus I have a chance to get the evidences."

Yun Shang figured it out in her mi

ked up and glanced at Prince Jing. Then she whispered to him, "Your Highness, how about having a try with Xia Huanyu?"

Prince Jing's face changed immediately. He snorted coldly and refused to speak. Yun Shang smiled secretly and let out a sigh, "since your highness is unwilling to do so, I will ask Liu Yinfeng myself."

Prince Jing's face darkened even more. Yun Shang bit her lip and said, "if not, I don't have any other choice. I could have sent the letter to Ning Qian from the state of Xia, but it will take at least a month for the letter to be delivered. Things will get colder one month later. "

"You want to see Liu Yinfeng, right?" Prince Jing looked into Yun Shang's eyes. His expression changed several times. Yun Shang was about to deny it when Prince Jing said to her, "then go to Liu Yinfeng for help. But I'll go with you."

Yun Shang was taken aback by his words. The outcome was different from what she had imagined before. "If you go with me, the news that you are here will be discovered."

Prince Jing said flatly, "since Xia Huanyu has already seen me, how could Liu Yinfeng not know about it?"

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