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   Chapter 414 Interrogation (Part One)

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The governor was in a dilemma. It was a lot of things that involved many people and could only be handled by the head of the court of justice. But if the head of the court of justice was invited, it would be a waste of his time if couldn't tell the truth. But if he couldn't invite the head of the court of justice, he couldn't make a decision.

After a moment of silence, the governor asked, "it's true that I can't make any decision on this matter. I can ask someone to make a decision for me, but I'm not sure if you're lying. Tell me, how did you get the news?"

Die'er bit her lips, and after a long time, she sighed and said softly, "before the grand ceremony was laid out, Jing Wenxi, daughter of grand councilor Jing, has invited me to the Pure Peak Temple, which is out of the imperial city. Miss Jing is noble, and I have no idea why she invited me there. But she bid a high price, so I accepted her invitation. After I left, Miss Jing asked me to seduce a man. Not long after, a strange man came to my room. Miss Jing said that he was the crown prince of the state of Yelang... "

Seeing Die'er's expression and presence, the prefect thought it must be true. After hesitating for a while, he called a servant to the head of court of justice and called the head of court of justice to come here.

Die'er had been kneeling in the hall. Her face turned paler, but her body was still kneeling straight.

Since they couldn't be judged for a while, the people outside began to discuss heatedly.

"Isn't miss Jing the one who his majesty had wanted to title The Empress? Later on, Mr. Lingxuzi and Master Wu Na both said that she was the bewitching talent of the state?"

"Yes, it's her. What did sh

foreign race as a plaything, but his father turned a blind eye to it. Fortunately, the foreign guy died, or else his father couldn't figure out what to do next. "

Everyone in the Fuya was surprised.

And then Die'er's voice was clearly heard, "master, you haven't asked who I am referring to. I am charging the Grand Councilor, the Grand Councilor of the state of Ning, Mr. Jing Kui. I suspect that the grand councilor jing is related to the death of the crown prince of the state of Yelang and Princess Hua Jing. "

"Guess? If it's just suspicion, do you have any evidence? " The head of court of justice who sat next to the governor said slowly before the governor finished speaking.

Die'er was silent for a while and then whispered, "I have evidence."

"Really? What kind of evidence was it? Submit it to me. "

Die Er took out two pieces of paper from her sleeve and handed them to her master. Her master took them and presented them to the governor. The governor waved his hand and the master immediately presented them to the head of court of justice. The head of court of justice did not refuse. He took them and opened.

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