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   Chapter 413 The Lawsuit (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5490

Updated: 2020-02-08 04:31

Yun Shang sat up straight a little and said, "we've followed his highness' order. His highness is really smart. He sees everything clearly."

Prince Jing smiled when he saw Yun Shang flattering him. "What's the matter? Do you think you are so lucky to marry me now? "

Yun Shang nodded her head without hesitation. "Yes, what are you going to do next, your highness?"

Prince Jing didn't expect that she would even nod her head without thinking. He was so embarrassed that he suddenly realized what Yun Shang had asked. He said quickly, "you'll know it tomorrow."

Yun Shang was unhappy to see him keep her guessing. She snorted and stood up, "never mind."

It was rare to see Yun Shang acting like a spoiled child. Prince Jing was surprised again. He held Yun Shang's hand and said something irrelevant. "How do I feel that you have become much more outgoing recently?"

Yun Shang froze at his words. She turned her head and thought for a long time before she said softly, "after Hua Jing died, I suddenly figure it out. For the past seven or eight years, I was too obsessed with my hatred. I have always hated Hua Jing, the empress, the Li clan, and... " As for Mo Jingran, Yun Shang decided to not mention the name as "Mo Jingran", but after a pause, she continued, "I'm busy with learning how to plot, and all the skills that might be used to revenge, such as lyre playing, chess, calligraphy, painting and even military arts. I am spoiled in it, but I've forgotten that hatred is not the only thing in my life. I have mother, father, Chenxi, and... I have you, your highness. "

Prince Jing looked at her for a while and sighed

t is said that her body to be extremely soft? It's said that many officials in the imperial city are fond of her. No wonder she looks like a seductress. "

The governor was also shocked. After a while, he patted the fine wood, "be quiet."

The people outside stopped talking. Then the governor asked, "tell me in detail what happened and why you came here today."

Die er's face was slightly pale. She gritted her teeth and said, "what Die'er did today is related to the death of Princess Hua Jing and death of the crown prince of the state of Yelang, Cangjue Kangning."

Hearing that, the governor widened his eyes abruptly in shock. After being silent for a moment, he said, "how can a prostitute girl be involved in these two big cases? Don't talk nonsense. "

Die'er then kowtowed to the prefect and said, "I am a woman serving my body. But because I am a woman serving my body, some dirty things are clearer to me than ordinary people. If you can make a decision, please listen to Die'er's detailed report. If you can't, I have to beat the imperial drum in front of the palace. "

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