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   Chapter 411 The Prisoner (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5362

Updated: 2020-02-08 00:22

Emperor Ning and Yun Shang boarded the carriage together. Emperor Ning looked at Yun Shang, who was unusually silent, and asked, "what are you thinking about right now?"

Yun Shang froze for a moment before she came to her senses. She smiled with a little bitterness and said to him. "Father, I believe that you always wanted sister and I can live in peace. However, she and I have finally come to a deadlock. Now she dies, I don't have any feelings about that."

Emperor Ning said with a sneer, "girls like you are all asking for trouble yourselves. You can hate each other for a lifetime for such a little thing. You grew up together. How could you have so many grudges with each other?"

Yun Shang let out a sigh and said, "my father is the emperor of a country. What he cares about is naturally the world's big things. Of course he doesn't know what happened in the imperial household. Yun Shang was brought up by the empress. Without mother's care, the empress could be good to me on the surface, but in order to earn a good reputation, she tolerated the servants to bully me and let Hua Jing bully me behind my back. Hua Jing had always been smart since her childhood, and father had always praised her. I'm the one who set off princess sister. I don't like doing girls' things and don't like reading and writing. Your majesty only saw that I don't like these things, but you have no idea why is that. "

"Then tell me why." Emperor Ning frowned after hearing her words and was confused.

Yun Shang smiled bitterly at his words, "You want to know why? Because sister Hua Jing kept on telling m

out the flint and took a torch from the wall and lit it. Then, the others on the wall were lit up as well. Li Jingyan and the seventh Prince of the state of Xia were locked in the stone chamber by chains. They were not used to the sudden light of fire, so they raised their hands to cover their eyes. After a while, they slowly put down their hands and looked at emperor Ning and Yun Shang.

"Hahaha, your majesty, I can't believe that we will meet again." Seeing emperor Ning here, Li Jingyan started laughing. But after a short moment, he slowed down and couldn't laugh out anymore. "I didn't expect that I would be like this when we met again. I always thought that you would be the king of a dead country when I see you again. I had been kneeling to you for so many years, and one day I would have you kneeling to me back."

"Unfortunately, that day will never come." Emperor Ning said calmly to him. He glanced at Li Jingyan's pale face. Having not seen the sun for a long time, he looked morbid pale. "Do you know that Hua Jing was killed by Cangjue Qingsu?"

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