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   Chapter 409 Make A Move (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5539

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Emperor Ning nodded and sat down. The coroner came in, and slowly walked in front of emperor Ning. Emperor Ning asked, "how's the test going?"

The coroner said, "Princess Hua Jing died miserably. There are many scars on her body, including the marks of whips and the holes in the path cut by a thin blade, and her fingers were clamped. Moreover, the belly of Princess Hua Jing seemed to have been hit heavily, leading to the miscarriage in her belly. What really increased her death was the scars on her neck, which should be caused by a sword. And she took a fatal blow from it.

Emperor Ning put his hand on the armrest of his chair, and he knocked his fingers carefully. He had not loosened his brows since he left the Imperial Palace, and now his brows knitted more tightly.

"Have you found anything else?" Emperor Ning's voice was quite calm.

The coroner said hastily, "I found this in Princess Hua Jing." The coroner took out a few things from his sleeve and handed them to Emperor Ning. The eunuchs standing by the side immediately took them over, and opened one by one for emperor Ning.

"I found that there are letters and tokens from the Third Prince of the state of Yelang as well as letters of her and Li Jingyan." The coroner said softly.

Emperor Ning nodded and looked at the letters in the eunuch's hands. He read them one by one carefully, without saying a word for a long time, and said faintly, "put them away."

Emperor Ning's eyes fell on the woman lying on the couch. She was dressed in a servant girl. Emperor Ning felt that the maid looked familiar, so he did not speak for a long time.

The head of court of justice re

with her all the time. Later, the yard where we stayed was on fire. We ran out together and saw that a young man with Grand councilor Li was surrounded by a group of men in black. I was so scared that I grabbed Princess Hua Jing's hand and ran away. In the halfway, I met a group of people who were holding swords but didn't look like people from the state of Ning. Princess Hua Jing said we were saved, so they took me and Princess Hua Jing with them. "

As these words were uttered by Qing Mei, her body began to tremble. After a long while, she continued, "her highness and I thought we could be saved, but what we didn't expect is that after we were taken to a yard, those people caught her and questioned her brutally, as if they were asking her where the contract was. Since her highness can't endure the punishment, she told them where the contract is. But they didn't want to let her highness go. They took the stick and aborted the child in her womb. They scolded and scolded her as they thought of giving birth to a child for the third prince. They said that her highness didn't deserve it. "

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