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   Chapter 407 Father And Son (Part Two)

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Yun Shang stared at Prince Jing in amazement when she heard his words, and she couldn't imagine what Prince Jing looked like when he was being so cruel. In her impression, Prince Jing was a cold-blooded man ever since the two of them met, even to her, but he was not the murderous type as people had described Prince Jing.

Yun Shang had something on her mind, so she looked a little listless all day. She couldn't figure out why she was not as happy as she had thought.

At dusk, the Butler came to report that Xia Huanyu had come. Yun Shang was surprised at the news. Just as she stood up and was about to go to the front hall, she saw Prince Jing also stand up. "Can I go with you?"

Yun Shang was taken aback by his words. The news that Prince Jing had returned has not been announced to the public. If Prince Jing appeared in front of Xia Huanyu now, it would be difficult to conceal it from others.

Prince Jing seemed to understand Yun Shang's worries. He smiled and said to her, "it doesn't matter. I'll have the housekeeper lead him to the backyard. Nobody will know if he comes and we cleaned in the backyard."

Yun Shang thought about it for a while. He was right. Prince Jing had a good management of the mansion. Although there were few servants in the mansion, he seldom hired people who are suspicious to sneak in. Moreover, Yun Shang had made a thorough investigation of all the people in her mansion after the He Yun accident. Those who didn't know the ins and outs were dismissed. Now, Prince Jing's mansion was as full as a bucket that couldn't be filled with more water.

When Yun Shang and Prince Jing a

rince Jing. Prince Jing snorted again and said nothing.

Xia Huanyu was enraged at this. "As a man, you would not even dare to speak when you are controlled by a little girl. How could you act like this?"

Yun Shang was speechless. She was afraid that they would quarrel and it would be out of control. They share the same character. Both of them are stubborn. If they started a quarrel...

Xia Huanyu frowned at her and refused his kindness. Prince Jing frowned and he said, "if you don't like it, just leave the door there. Get out yourself."

Yun Shang stopped persuading both of them and sat in the distance obediently.

"I'm your father! How dare you argue with me for a little girl! Good for you!" As Xia Huanyu stood up, he pointed at Prince Jing and scolded him. Seeing that Prince Jing was not willing to give him a look, he felt that his self-esteem was hurt. He snorted coldly. "As I have said, it's on the eighth day of next month. You should wait for me at the gate of the city! Besides you, the seventh prince must also be there! " Then Xia Huanyu left in a huff.

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