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   Chapter 406 Father And Son (Part One)

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Hua Jing couldn't help but frowned after hearing Yun Shang's words. "What! Yun Shang, good for you. I can't beat you, but you win. But you can win only because prince Jing will protect you, and you are lucky to have him. I don't believe you can always be so lucky like this. Do you really think that Prince Jing will protect you for the rest of your life? I've heard that he is the prince of the state of Xia. No one will remember you if he become the emperor and you become one of his 3000 concubines? Yun Shang, just smile now. You will cry one day in the future. If I were dead, I would be watching you the sky and see how long you could be proud like this. "

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and smiled at her words. "Don't be ridiculous, sister. A filthy person like you will go to hell, not heaven. How can you keep looking at me in the sky?" Then she raised his voice and ordered, "Luo Yi, take a stick! It should be thick and strong enough to hit her belly hard!"

Luo Yi hurriedly responded yes. Then he asked the eunuch to find a stick of wood from the execution set and show it to Yun Shang. "Your Highness, what about this one?"

Yun Shang chuckled and nodded her head. "Good. It is exactly what I want. Beat her belly hard!"

Luo Yi took the order and gave Hua Jing a hard blow on her stomach. Hua Jing gritted her teeth and could not help but groan in pain. She opened her mouth to say something, but in the end, there was a thick sweat on her forehead. Her face was pale, as if she was in great pain. She opened her mouth, but in the end, she did not say a word.

Without Yun Shang stopping Luo Yi,

You have been trapped by your hatred for too long." After these words, he pushed Yun Shang away from his arms, held her hand, and led her to the yard. "I am the God of war in the state of Ning. I have killed countless people in the battlefield. People say I am a cold faced man, and I am no exception. I used to be a mighty warrior when I was young, so I killed everyone as long as they upset me. But gradually I found out that I did so just to conceal the void and hatred in my heart. Even though I'm a prince of the state of Ning, and have a different surname, I still hate it in my heart. "

Prince Jing said in a hoarse and low voice, which reassured Yun Shang for no reason. "I have always hated everything. I hate myself, for not being the real son of the late emperor. I hate my humble origin. I always thought that the throne would belong to me if I were the real child of the late emperor. Maybe I was thinking too much. So I fell into a trance, and I made up my mind to take that position. Recently, I suddenly realized that resentment is also a very tired thing. "

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