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   Chapter 405 Sworn Enemy

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Even if emperor Ning said once she had some evidence, she could do whatever she wanted and arrest Jing Kui immediately. But Yun Shang knew that as the grand Councilor of the state of Ning, it was not easy to capture him. Yun Shang sneered. If they committed the crime of treason, they would be executed, and even their clans would be executed.

"Your Highness..." Qian Yin whispered to her. "What are you thinking, your highness?"

Yun Shang was taken by surprise. She put down the book and asked casually, "what happened? Is there anything wrong? "

Qian Yin looked at Yun Shang with curiosity and said, "his highness sent Luo Yi here to inform your highness that Hua Jing has confessed everything and is of no use. Would you like to see her?"

Yun Shang smiled, "of course! I have been waiting for this day for so many years. "

Qian Yin smiled weirdly, "it's a pity, Princess Hua Jing. It's said that she was punished a lot the other day. Now Lady Jing is going to visit her. I wonder whether she can take it or not."

Yun Shang sneered, stood up and went out of the yard. There was a secret chamber in Prince Jing's mansion too. Yun Shang was led by Luo Yi into a secret passage from the rockery in the garden. After about an hour, they arrived in a secret chamber. The room was lighted up in the middle, which was not too bright.

Hua Jing was tied to the grill. Her clothes were in tatters, and her exposed skin was covered with deep and shallow scars. Some were wrapped with rope, and some were minor cuts. Her hands were all black and blue. She was probably clamped. It seemed that she had suffered a lot in the past. Now she was closing her eyes. It was hard to tell whether she had passed out or just fallen asleep.

Luo Yi's face darkened. He glanced at Ning Hua Jing, and then turned to Yun Shang with respect. "Your Highness, Hua Jing is in a coma. Shall I wake her up?"

Yun Shang gave a bland smile and said gently, "of course you should. If she is in a coma, I can do nothing but watch her. What's the point of it?"

"Yes." As soon as Luo Yi received the order, he quickly asked someone to bring a basin of water. Luo Yi took the bowl and poured the water on Hua Jing's body. It was not until then that Yun Shang noticed that it was not clear water, but bright red liquid. After thinking for a while, she knew the answer, "Red pepper water?"

Luo Yi nodded. But before he could answer, Ning Hua Jing screamed, "ouch! It hurts... " Her voice was weak, but her body began to tremble.

Sweat dripped from her face as she spoke. Her face was as pale as death, but it seemed that she had been distracted by such an extreme pain. She kept struggling, as if trying to slow down the pain, but she paid no attention to Yun Shang sitting on the chair.

"Sister, how does it taste?" Yun Shang spoke with a

if something interesting had happened. Yun Shang uttered a "hum" softly and looked up at Hua Jing. "Sister is pregnant with a tenacious child, and it hasn't been killed even if you have been tortured like this. I thought you has taken so many aphrodisiac to seduce Prince Cangjue Kangning in the state of Yelang. If so, the baby would have been dead. "

Hua Jing's eyes were filled with horror, "what do you want?"

Yun Shang didn't answer her but put on a smiling face. "By the way, do you still remember the child you lost in the horse race last time?" Yun Shang chuckled again, "how do you feel when a child dies slowly from your body? Is it impressive? Would you like to witness the death of your child? What do you think? " A murderous look flashed in Yun Shang's eyes, but there was a deep pain in it. "Sister, I've been thinking about it day and night. How about letting you feel the pain again?"

Hua Jing ground her teeth and burst into laughter. "You bitch, Yun Shang. Come on! Why should I be afraid of you? I'm not afraid of death, so what should I be afraid of? Yun Shang, do you know that if I die, your brother will be dead as well. Do you really think you can easily remove the power that I have cultivated with my mother for so many years in the palace? Do you know why I could change clear water into oil so easily on that day when I exposed you in the hall? Even if there are changes in the palace, and my mother is dead, it's still a piece of cake for me to kill a person in the palace. Yun Shang, just wait and see. If you attack me, I will make you regret. "

Yun Shang clenched her fists, and pondered for a moment before she said. "I don't think it's a big deal to replace water with oil? I only took a look at it, and know your plan, right? Nobody can do anything bad to Chenxi. Thank you for your warning, sister. I'll be on my guard when I get back. "

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