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   Chapter 403 Be Suspicious (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-06 00:22

But there was nothing to pack up. Yun Shang had her dress stained with blood and some foundation, which made her look paler.

Prince Jing was back. He stared at Yun Shang for a moment, and then smiled. "Are you going to the palace to get your father's sympathy again?"

Yun Shang chuckled and frowned again. She didn't want to tell Prince Jing the truth. In fact, she doubted his majesty, just because she had met him several times in the palace the other day. On the previous day, her father suddenly said to her, "you look much better and seems to have more free time. Is there any progress?"

Yun Shang only smiled and said, "I'll keep my promise and find out the truth before the emperor of the state of Yelang arrive at the imperial city."

She was afraid that her performance in these days would arouse the emperor's suspicion.

Yun Shang could not help but frown. She didn't mean to hide Prince Jing's whereabouts from emperor Ning intentionally. However, even though the situation was clear now, she still needed to find out some details about it. If emperor Ning knew that Prince Jing was back, it would be not good for Prince Jing's actions.

Yun Shang exchanged a careless glance with Prince Jing, and then she went into the palace with Qian Yin. They hurried to the qinzheng hall, where Lord Zheng was standing at the door. When he saw Yun Shang like this, he was also startled. "What happened, your highness?"

Yun Shang said in a hoarse voice, "there were assassins entering the mansion just now. About a hundred people were affected. The whole mansion was almost affected."

Master Zheng was also a little surprised after hearing her words, "is your Highness alright?"

"I am fine. I was just a little shocked. Is my father at the Qinzheng Hall?" Yun Shang shuddere

this and squinted her eyes. 'father has really doubted me. Is that what he wants to do?'

"The secret guard is supposed to protect father. I felt sorry for you as I used it once on my own when I went to the KY City. I think the assassins are so aggressive because of the person I kept in my mansion. " Yun Shang calmed down a bit and her voice became clear but she still had a frown on her face.

"Really?" Emperor Ning raised his eyebrows at Yun Shang's words. It seemed that his interest was intrigued. He walked back to the imperial case with a smile on his face, picked up the teacup on the table, and turned to Yun Shang, asking softly, "who is the person?"

After a short silence, Yun Shang said, "I didn't want to tell you so early, father. Now that we don't have enough evidence, if we tell you earlier, I'm afraid you won't believe my words." She paused before she continued speaking, "grand councilor Li and the seventh Prince of the state of Xia are now grounded in shang'er's mansion."

Emperor Ning grabbed the lid of the teacup and hit it hard. The tea water spilled out but emperor Ning ignored it. "What did you say? Li Jingyan? The seventh Prince of the state of Xia? "

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