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   Chapter 400 Capturing Them (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 6581

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Fearing that Yun Shang would order another game, Liu Jin quickly said, "Your Majesty, it's getting late." he seemed to remind him of something on purpose.

Hearing that, Xia Huanyu kept silent for a while. Raising his eyes to look at the sky, he frowned slightly and said, "it is really late. By accident, we played a chess for quite a long time. It's over today. I'm going back."

Yun Shang smiled and stared at Liu Jin for a long time. When he saw Xia Huanyu stand up, she quickly said, "Your Majesty, we have something to ask Lady Jing!"

Hearing that, Xia Huanyu was dazed for a while. Then he seemed to be enlightened and said, "well... Did Prince Jing tell you when he would come back? I have something to deal with. If Prince Jing comes back, tell him to tidy up. I'll go back to the state of Xia with him. "

It couldn't be Liu Jin who wanted to ask. Yun Shang saw that he almost wanted to speak in person, and she couldn't help laughing. She quickly replied, "his highness didn't tell me anything about it. The case we're talking about hasn't been fully understood, and it's a matter of great importance. If we don't get the result by ourselves, I'm afraid his highness won't be able to go to the state of Xia."

"Well..." As he mumbled to himself, he added, "I know that." Then he turned around and left.

Yun Shang kept silent for a while. The seventh Prince of the state of Xia also took part in the frame of Prince Jing. If the plot was exposed, it would be hard to get a good end. The choice between the two sons would be made up.

Yun Shang suddenly knew the reason for Liu Jin's coming. Liu Jin was the grandfather of the seventh prince, and he came here only for one purpose: to ask the whereabouts of his grandson. The seventh Prince of the state of Xia was suddenly missing, which might get people involved, not to mention that the crown prince of the state of Xia was already dead.

Yun Shang thought for a while and turned to the yard. W

ple, I heard from Liu Yinfeng that the guards in prison were captivated by the incense of Buddha, so how did they enter the prison?" Yun Shang squinted, "I guess it's not Prince Cangjue Qingsu, so I figured it out. It must be Hua Jing. Hua Jing slandered me that way not to harm me, but to put herself into jail. "

Prince Jing heard her and nodded. "It's almost the same as my guess. I didn't think too much about it and couldn't find any evidence. I only know that some people of Yelang state have entered the imperial city. And today, these people wanted to take Hua Jing away from the imperial city when Li Jingyan fell into my hands."

Yun Shang's eyes suddenly lit up. She stopped and asked, "you mean you left Prince Jing's mansion earlier to pursue the Yelang soldiers?"

Prince Jing nodded, "I have been in a war with Cangjue Qingsu for so many years. I know exactly what he does as I have arranged many spies around him."

"How is it going?" Yun Shang hurriedly asked, "did you catch them? Where is Hua Jing? "

Prince Jing turned to Yun Shang and smiled like a fox. "I know you want to ask Hua Jing. Don't worry. Of course I made it. I arrested them all. If you know this, you'll definitely ask about Hua Jing. So I send someone to bring her back. If you want to see her, you can go later. "

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