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   Chapter 398 The Truth (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5914

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Hardly had Yun Shang's voice faded away, a middle-aged man came out and said, "the other day Prince Jing and the crown prince of the state of Yelang had a quarrel, I was in the Yuman tower too, and a middle-aged man was making a fuss. In fact, we didn't recognize the voice of Prince Jing before. That man said, 'wasn't that Prince Jing speaking upstairs? Why did he have a quarrel with someone?' After that, everyone knew that the voice belongs to Prince Jing. "

Yun Shang then asked Qian Yin to lead the shopkeeper of the Yuman Tower in. "Do you know the identity of the cheering man?"

The shopkeeper pondered the man's words for a while before he answered, "he seems to be the younger brother of the butler of the grand councilor Jing's mansion. He seems to be idle and wandered in all kinds of restaurants and inns all day long."

Grand councilor Jing. Yun Shang knew that Jing Kui had sent someone to monitor her. During her illness, Mrs. Jing came to visit her every day. And Yun Shang wasn't sure of her intention. She had always thought that Jing Kui just wanted to know the whereabouts of Jing Wenxi. But now it seemed that he didn't want to know the whereabouts of Jing Wenxi. Jing Wenxi seduced Cangjue Kangning in a seductive way, and she must want more than just going to the palace.

An enchanting woman said as she heard the shopkeeper's words, "by the way, the profligate brother of the butler of the grand councilor Jing's mansion asked me which person in the imperial city was good at faking things? He told me that he had lost money in gambling and wanted to gain some money by imitating a bank seal. I knew his character and I believed him, so I told him about Li Qian. "

Hearing this, Yun Shang was astonished. Was this how the fake master

e younger brother of the butler to look for the master of fakery and the artist of voice imitation. Cangjue Kangning had a close relationship with Jing Wenxi, and he was insulted by Yun Shang in the previous banquet. Thinking of this, Cangjue Kangning couldn't bear it, so he agreed to participate in the plan. They asked the artist of voice imitation to quarrel with Prince Cangjue Kangning in a feigned manner, and the younger brother of the butler to clamor at the bottom of the Yuman Tower. Then they saw Prince Cangjue Kangning coming down curtly from the upstairs. They all thought the prince Jing had a dispute with him.

At that night, Cangjue Kangning cried out in surprise and deliberately called Prince Jing's name, holding the fake jade badge made by the fake master in his hand. He had planned to have a fight with the prince jing and pretended that he was hurt by him. But he didn't expect that it was set up by Cangjue Qingsu and he was killed by the assassin.

However, they did not expect that Prince Jing would be able to escape from their hands, and also they did not expect that Liu Yinfeng had smelt the scent of the Buddha and told Yun Shang about that.

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