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   Chapter 397 The Truth (Part One)

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However, Yun Shang didn't come back. Prince Jing asked the butler to look around the mansion for her, but he couldn't find her. He guessed that Yun Shang must have gone out. After thinking for a while, Prince Jing told the Butler about Yun Shang's whereabouts, and left a letter to her. Then he rushed to the small forest in the south of the city, waiting for his people to meet him.

At this time, Yun Shang was in the Yuman tower. In the wing room, there were all kinds of people, including beggars, prostitutes and peddlers.

"I asked you to pay attention to the movements in the imperial city a few days ago, but I am afraid that my guards didn't get my intention loud and clear. That is why I came here myself today to ask you something, something small but important." Yun Shang took the only seat in the wing room, and scanned the people in the room with a casual glance.

Everyone gazed at Yun Shang. They dared not to breathe heavily in fear of disturbing this beautiful woman.

"How about the price of the oil in the city a few days ago?" Yun Shang said gently.

The others didn't expect that Yun Shang would ask such a question. They were silent for a moment before someone said, "the price has increased a month ago. It is one kilo of oil. It has increased about four hundred. I asked the owner some days ago and dared not buy it because I can not afford it."

Yun Shang knocked her fingers slightly on the table and asked, "is there any store selling oil? Do you know which store is the first to rise the price of the oil? "

"At the beginning, it is the Li's shop in the south of the city who rose the price. The price of his store didn't soar that much at first. It just increased one hundred per kilo. But later, I foun

of Yelang."

Yun Shang fell silent on the old beggar's words. It was about a month ago when Cangjue Kangning came into the city. With their status, they would not hide the fact that they were from the state of Yelang at all. The people the old beggar saw was probably... They were probably the people of Cangjue Qingsu. But she didn't know if Cangjue Qingsu was among them as well.

At the thought of Prince Cangjue Kangning's death, Yun Shang suddenly realized that she had been somewhat puzzled before. Killing Prince Cangjue Kangning would only lead to discontent in the state of Yelang. If it were Li Jingyan and the seventh prince of the state of Xia who killed him, they wouldn't have done that.

Cangjue Qingsu and Li Jingyan had always been in touch with each other because of Hua Jing. It was not surprising that they would join hands to make the plan.

Yun Shang suppressed her guess in her heart and turned to everyone. "I want to know things like this, especially the details that are a bit strange. It's not as big as you think. It doesn't have to be any big events. Think it over again. Is there something like this happening in the city?"

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