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   Chapter 396 Dispute (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5474

Updated: 2020-02-04 20:08

"The death of the crown prince must have something to do with the seventh prince. If we ask his majesty to solve the problem, his majesty might be enraged." Liu Yinfeng said emotionlessly.

"Get angry? I remember that his majesty once said that it was not easy to be the emperor of the state of Xia. He doesn't has many sons, but his sons are also not that few. They has competition among them. If one son can get rid of the others, it should be him to be the emperor. If the seventh prince killed the crown prince, that would be regarded as the crown prince's inability! " The old man withdrew his crutch and lifted it with both hands. The crutch made the sound of "beep" in the carriage.

A grim smile spread across the young man's face. "Luo Qingyan is also the son of his majesty, just as you have said. If he was really gets rid of the seventh prince, his Majesty would probably prefer Luo Qingyan. His majesty will thinks Luo Qingyan is a capable man."

The old man looked embarrassed all of a sudden. "You are really insane. the seventh prince is your student and you used to be good friends. But now, you've been loving that bitch too much to forget that she is Luo Qingyan's wife! Shame on you! You loved... before... " The old man paused and snorted, "And now you fell in love with a married woman again."

Liu Yinfeng closed his eyes, pretending not to hear his words, but he clenched his hand in the sleeve tightly. His nails pierced into the flesh of the palm, which was painful.

The old man felt a little sorry for what he had said as he saw the young man's look on his face. But since it was impossible for him to ma

ng'er is really smart and invincible."

Yun Shang didn't hear Prince Jing's praise, but she thought about it in her mind. They had no grudge against Prince Cangjue Kangning, so they didn't have to use Cangjue Kangning to slander Prince Jing. She had a vague idea. After a while, she walked out of the room with a sure smile on her lips. "Yes, I know it." Then she ran outside, as if going to find Qian Yin.

Prince Jing couldn't help laughing as he saw Yun Shang being so passionate. He shook his head and bowed his head to read the book. Suddenly, a few knocks came from outside the window. Prince Jing didn't look up but whispered, "tell me."

A cold voice came through the window. "your highness, the fish has been hooked."

Prince Jing closed his book and stood up. After a short silence, he sat down slowly again and said to the man outside the window, "you go first. I'll come back after I tell my lady about it."

The man outside the window seemed stunned, and after a while he responded: "yes, your highness. My men will wait for you in the woods in the south of the city."

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