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   Chapter 393 Wake Up To A Huge Mess (Part One)

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"Of course his majesty have to have someone to check it out. Jing Kui is the grand Councilor of the state of Ning after all, and his den has been burnt out. If my father doesn't check it out, I'm afraid it will cause the complaints of the officials. I will ask his highness whether he has cleaned the marks or not. After he has done the cleaning, it will not matter if my father will do a thorough investigation or not. as for my Father, I'm afraid that if he knows I did it, he will cover it well for me. " Yun Shang put on her clothes. Seeing that Prince Jing came out of the bathroom, she went in with Qian Yin. Then she washed her face and walked out again.

Prince Jing was reading on a couch with a book in his hand. It seemed that he was not going out since he didn't even put on a coat. Qian Yin helped Yun Shang fix her hair in a bun. Yun Shang went to the bench beside the collapse and sat down, "Your Highness, aren't you going out today?"

"Yes." Prince Jing nodded his head, "I have nothing to do today. I haven't been with you for a long time. I can stay at home and stay with you."

Yun Shang smiled with a cunning look, "Well, I can not stay at home today, I have to go to the Imperial Palace today. Moreover, Mrs Jing visited me everyday when I was sick the other day. Now that something serious has happened in the Jing mansion, I should visit her and comfort her as well."

"What?" Prince Jing raised his eyebrows, put down the book in his hand, and grabbed Yun Shang's arm. "Don't run around today. Li Jingyan and the seventh Prince of the state of Xia are missing, and their people must be looking for them everywhere. It must be very chaotic outside. I'm worried about you if you go out."

Hearing this, Yun S

many people downstairs, so they didn't kill me and chased me all the way. "

"There are nearly sixty or seventy people in the group, all of whom are first-class fighters. I have only a few shadow guards around me, so I didn't dare to fight against them head-on. I had no choice but to escape into a mansion, which is also the residence of famous people in the imperial city. It's a large mansion, so we found a place to hide. But the guards didn't give up. Instead, dozens of guards were sent to search for me in the mansion, so I had to wait. We just waited for the news, but the news said that I killed Cangjue Kangning. It seems that they have got enough evidence. If I show up that time, I don't need to say anything and I will be caught by them. I have to stay in the prison for some days until his majesty finds out the truth. "

Yun Shang also knew what happened that day. They had human testimony and material evidence. All the guests in the Yuman tower heard Prince Jing's voice, and the guards in the inn heard Cangjue Kangning calling Prince Jing clearly, and the jade token was unique to Prince Jing. It was all unfavorable to Prince Jing.

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