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   Chapter 391 The Appearance Of Prince Jing (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-03 00:32

The Butler dazed for a moment. Then he answered to Yun Shang, "I thought his highness was missing? Even your highness don't know where his highness are, how can I know? "

Yun Shang snorted and sat back in the chair, "You don't know? You don't know the answer, do you? Well, okay. I'm tired of it after all. I have married to Prince Jing for nearly a year, and I have spent countless time with him. Since his highness don't treat me as his wife, and he never tell me what happened to him or discuss anything with me, and even hide himself from me. I'm not strong enough to protect myself, so it's meaningless to hide here in this mansion with you. You can leave now. You probably think that I'm going mad. I'll stay in the palace for some time, starting tomorrow. Since his highness is not here, I don't think it's safe for me to stay here. The grand councilor's mansion was on fire today and the imperial city's guards are guarding them. No one knows when the assassins will come to my mansion. I will stay in the palace for a while. Whether I go back to this mansion or not depends on my mood. "

After such a long conversation, Yun Shang felt a little thirsty, so she stretched out her hand to Qian Yin. Seeing this, Qian Yin quickly went back to the room and poured a cup of tea for her. But she frowned and said, "the tea is cold, your highness. Let me prepare a new cup for you."

Yun Shang shook her head and picked up the tea cup, "that's it. The housekeeper, you can leave now. I'm sleepy as well."

The Butler hesitated. He pondered for a moment before he left the room.

Qian Yin listened as the Butler left. Then sh

froze for a while when she saw the man in the bed. Then she put down the bed sheet and stepped back. Her mind went blank for a while and then became clear. Why did his highness come here? And how did he sleep by her highness' side? There was no one at her side last night before she left? By the way, Qian Yin was shocked again by the scene she saw just now. Lady Jing was holding a dagger, and it seemed that she wanted to stab the prince, but the prince caught her hand before she could do it. Thinking of the scene of Her Highness gnashing his teeth in bitter hatred last night, Qian Yin became more anxious. It was possible for her highness to start a fight right now.

Her mind was in a mess again. She hesitated for a while before she asked, "Your Highness, are you getting up?"

Yun Shang didn't answer, but Prince Jing said with a hoarse voice, "you go downstairs first. You don't need to clean up. Come to us at lunch time."

Qian Yin responded yes and hurried toward the door. But before she reached the door, she heard Yun Shang's voice with a bit of anger, "come back!"

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