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   Chapter 389 Jing's Mansion Was On Fire (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-03 00:12

Before He Yun could say anything else, Yun Shang waved her hand and ordered, "you can take her out now."

Qian Yin drew the rope and walked out of the room with He Yun. After a while, she came back. "Your Highness, you have known that He Yun is a fake a long time ago? Why didn't you get rid of her at that time? Otherwise, she wouldn't make such a mess. "

"My memory is not that good. I have forgotten the matter that his Highness has told me about the female shadow guard before. But didn't I take her into the palace yesterday? On my way back to Prince Jing's mansion, I went to the Yuman tower because I wanted to attract some people who would keep watch outside and make you take that master of voice imitation to my mansion. Before this, I just noticed that there was a slight coincidence with He Yun's appearance, and I was a little skeptical. So I told her to go to the rge QianShui shop to buy some new jewelries. I had specifically told Qian Shui to find out the information of the person I sent there except you or Qin Yi. " Yun Shang frowned and paused before answering.

"Qian Shui sent someone to report to me yesterday afternoon that after He Yun took the jewelry from her, she met a man in grey at the street corner, and talked with him before returning to the Yuman tower. The man in grey.... He is from the Jing clan. "

Qian Yin blinked her eyes, feeling strange, "the grand councilor Jing? Why did he want He Yun to kill the master of the voice imitation to keep the secret? "

Yun Shang squinted slightly, her hand bent slightly, and she tapped her fingers gently on the edge of the bed with her fingertips, "it's not necessarily Jing Kui." After thinking for a while, she continued to speak, "I have been suspicious that Li Jingyan a

e ran out of the mansion, and I saw many men in black surrounding the people who escaped from the mansion. They started fighting without saying anything. In my opinion, those men in black who guarded outside the mansion were acting like Prince Jing's Secret guards, so I hurried back to report to your highness. "

"His Highness' Secret guard?" Yun Shang frowned slightly, for two reasons. One was that someone had the same idea as her, and the other was that the man who might be the prince Jing had disappeared for nearly half a month and finally appeared.

"Let's go to the Jing mansion." Without even changing her clothes, Yun Shang hurried out of the inner room and went out from the back door. She got on her horse and went straight to the Jing mansion.

The Jing mansion had already turned into a sea of fire. It was lucky that Jing Kui had moved to this place after Jing Kui had become the grand Councilor. It was the most bustling place in the imperial city and the most rare was a single mansion, which made Jing Kui more distinguished and noble. Now, however, he had been able to prevent anybody else from suffering. That could be considered a lucky thing.

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