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   Chapter 387 The Detailed Investigation (Part One)

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The man was stunned by her words. He nodded his head, looking strange. "Yes. He passed by my room when he went downstairs. He glanced at the box and stared at me for a very long time. Finally, he lowered his voice and said to me," You are awesome. ". '"

Yun Shang could not help but frowned. She thought that Cangjue Kangning didn't know that the man in the Yuman tower was not Prince Jing at all. Since then, it seemed that Cangjue Kangning knew about this all the time. Not only that, he had been cooperating with them the whole time. Then it was highly likely that Cangjue Kangning was involved in the plot as well. He had planned to plot against Prince Jing. When the guard heard him call "Prince Jing " before he died at night, it was more likely that he had cried Prince Jing's name out on purpose. However, the only thing that hadn't expected was that the assassin would actually kill him.

"I have told you almost everything about this matter. Do you have anything else to ask me, your highness?" The man lifted his head to look at Yun Shang, with relief evident in his eyes. "I hope you can find the real murderer as soon as possible, so that I can be relieved earlier."

Yun Shang stood up and said with a smile on her face, "I will, sir, rest assured."

Then she made a curtsy to the master of voice imitation, and turned around and walked out of the door.

"Have you found anything new, your highness?" Qian Yin said gently.

Yun Shang thought for a while and ordered her, "send someone to investigate who Cangjue Kangning has met these days."

Qian Yin nodded her head and added, "why did the man frame Prince Jing for murder of Cangjue Kangning? He has a big trouble after he pretended to kill Cangjue Kangning but he killed the crown pr


Hearing the order from Yun Shang, He Yun answered yes and left in a hurry. After a while, Qian Yin came back, followed by her was He Yun with a cup of tea in hand. Then, He Yun put the tea on the table by Yun Shang's side, and slowly stepped outside when Yun Shang didn't order He Yun to serve the tea.

"The artist of voice imitation said that the money they gave to him was from the Hui Feng Bank. You can ask people to go to the Hui Feng Bank and ask what kind of big families they have put money in it. There are a lot of wealth in the Imperial City, and the Hui Feng Bank is not the most famous bank here. A person who can plot to murder the crown prince is not an ordinary person. By this way, we can narrow the target. It's always better than nothing." Yun Shang said indifferently, rubbing her forehead. Then she put her hand down, and saw the figure of He Yun disappeared at the door.

Yun Shang kept silent for a while and then sighed, "it's getting more and more complicated. I can't calm down right now. So I'm practicing the calligraphy quiet now." Then she stood up, and walked to the desk and said to Qian Yin: "come and prepare the ink for me."

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