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   Chapter 386 The Interrogation (Part Two)

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Yun Shang was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh when she saw Qian Yin's triumphant expression. She waved her hand and was about to hit the maid. Qian Yin dodged her hurriedly and said with a smile, "Your Highness, are you going to see that artist of voice imitation now?"

Yun Shang nodded her head, "Okay, I will go and see him. My father ordered me to investigate this matter in the imperial city before the emperor of the state of Yelang came into the city. I don't have much time left." Then she stood up and said, "let's go. Where do you lock him up?"

Qian Yin took Yun Shang to a remote yard in the mansion. It looked empty. "The Butler said this is a house for the servants. But there are not many servants in the mansion, so many of them are left idle. And I just use one of them." Then she opened the door. There were two maidservants sitting in the room. The maids bowed to Qian Yin as soon as they saw her, and studied her curiously.

Qian Yin couldn't help laughing, "she is your master. You can't look at her like that."

Hearing this, the two maid servants became excited. "Wow! It's your highness! You are so young and beautiful!" Although it was sort of tease, there was a faint admiration in both their eyes.

Yun Shang smiled at that. "I don't need any compliment. I'll blush."

Qian Yin smiled too. "You can leave now. The highness has something to ask that person."

The two maids responded yes and left the door. When Yun Shang entered the inner room, she saw a middle-aged man standing in the room, who was looking outside blankly.

As if hearing the footsteps, the man turned his head to look at

did you get the money? "

The man thought for a while and said, "I haven't seen the real master behind them either. A man with a saber took me to the Yuman tower and then imprisoned me in the Liu Shui alley since then. The money I received should be from the bank, Hui Feng Bank. " He took out a piece of paper from his wallet, and turned it over and looked at it. Then he nodded his head and said, "it is indeed from the Hui Feng Bank."

Yun Shang nodded her head, "when you went upstairs and read those words they gave you, did anyone talk to you?"

"Yes, there was someone talking to me. It should be a man in his thirties. His voice was a little harsh, and his accent was not like that of the state of Ning. From his appearance, it should be a man from the state of Yelang. Later, I heard something about Prince Jing and got to know that the man I was talking to was the crown prince of the state of Yelang. "

Yun Shang frowned as the two of them had gotten to the point of the conversation. "You mean, you have seen that man in the Yuman tower? And he also saw you as well?"

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